Saturday, February 14, 2009

She's a Wii Bit Nuts

I just have one thing, real quickly, about the OctoMom who is now, apparently (allegedly) receiving or has received death threats. (Insert shocking gasps here.)

Let's just remember that usually when the "Death Threat" card is played, it's usually because the individual on said receiving end has been so raked over the coals in the media that by the time the "Death Threat" card is played (and it sounds like great fun! Someone should really invent a game where there is a "Death Threat"card.), it's pretty much the only thing that will cause some people to rethink their position (which usually doesn't need to be re-thought to begin with). They'll start to think something along the lines of, "Oh, well, I thought she was an idiot and irresponsible and crazy and wants to look like Brangelina over there, but death threats?! Well, that's out of line. Maybe we've all gone too far and should just leave her alone for a while and let her collect her thoughts or something." Whatever.

I'm going to suggest holding off any judgment that might let OctoMom off the hook. There is very little that I have read that would indicate in any way at all that these "death threats" are either a) real or b) something to be concerned about. For starters, the number of death threats started off at a couple. It suddenly became 500. I would have almost believed her if she had left it at a few. That's because there are a few nutjobs out there that would actually take time out of their nutjob schedule to send a death threat. But 500? Even nutjobs are lazy. There aren't 500 out there willing to write. There just aren't.

But let's see how worried OctoMom really is about these "death threats", shall we? AND as a BONUS, let's see just how worried OctoMom is about her finances as well. (In case you missed it, OctoMom has 14 children and no job and no source of income. Yep, that's quite the pickle there.) Here we go....According to the NY Daily News, here's OctoMom on Friday, February 13, shopping for Wii video games. Behold!

OK, as a California taxpayer, I am unaware of the clause in my agreement to pay for her video games. Actually, my sales tax just got hiked up another 1 percent (which makes it a lovely 9.25 in this county now. Joy.) because the state is $40 billion in debt. Did I mention that she receives disability benefits from the government? She does. Lots. So she's really part of my problem right now. See, if she can afford video games (when she still has no job and also still has fourteen children) then I'd like her to stop taking money from the state so that I can someday go back to paying a normal amount of sales freaking tax!

Aside from her spending money which I can't even delve further into at this moment, lest I have a coronary, she doesn't seem to be all that concerned about Death-y McThreats-a-Lot if she's out in public. Clearly, the majority of people in this country would recognize her if they saw her and I'd think that the majority of that majority, while not threatening her with death, might have some rather harsh words if they bumped into her. If I saw her buying video games, she'd find herself suddenly in the middle of a rather rapid-fire interview/interrogation session given by me. "I take it you're buying video games because you've already paid the state back for all that you've received from them, correct?' Yeah, it wouldn't be pretty. But my point is that she doesn't seem worried about it. If I were her, I wouldn't be showing my face in public until my last kid was 18 and even then I'd think it over.

But she doesn't seem to be a real honest sort, from what I can tell. Everything seems to be rather inflammatory with her. Everything is either better than it really is or worse than it really is. Here's what she said to The Sun over there in the UK: "There were letters and emails saying we deserved to die. There were protesters in front of my house. There are mentally disturbed people in the world.” Yes. There ARE mentally disturbed people in the world. You're one of them! How do I know? Here are the "protesters" that were in front of your house. Behold!

That would be a one Ulysses Gutierrez. That's it. Just him. And a photographer, but the photographer had no sign. You know, he doesn't really seem mentally disturbed in that photo. His sign indicates that he is not happy about her situation. He, himself, does not look particularly angry. But given that he's standing out in front of her house with a sign, I'm guessing he is rather angry. I know the feeling, dude. Good for you!

So, please, don't stop judging just yet. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come out and be judged by everyone quite soon! And judging isn't always a bad thing, you know. See, it's the "not judging" that might have contributed to enabling her to end up with fourteen children who are all under the age of 8 by the time that she is 33. I definitely would have liked to have had a little judging in place then!

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