Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Gonna Happen, Whether You Like It Or Not

So the pretty, pretty mayor of San Francisco, a one Gavin Newsom and his almost equally as pretty, pretty wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom are expecting a baby! Wee-ha.

Gavin's been making a lot of speeches lately and the general thought is that he's most likely going to run for Governor of California when the current Governator's term is up. So a baby will fit nicely into that whole scenario. Politicians...babies...they go together for some reason, but I'm just not quite sure what that reason is. I know that politicians "traditionally" or "stereotypically" kiss babies when on the campaign trail, but I don't know why. Why would I want to hand my baby over to some guy that I don't know who is running for office and therefore is most likely a liar and a weasel? I don't want a lying weasel kissing my baby! (Then again, I don't want a baby. So if I was seen giving one to a puckered-up politician, chances are really good that I'd be running in the other direction soon after the hand off was complete.)

I can't say whether or not the timing was intentional. I hope it wasn't. I'd hate to think that Gavin was churning out a kid just for the sake of his image. (His image, by the way, is that of a pretty, pretty man who couldn't be more straight and couldn't look more gay. Look at him over there! Could he look any more gay for a straight man? Not likely. But I'm guessing that it's probably a very beneficial appearance for one who wants to be mayor of San Francisco. It's worked for him so far. Though I'm not thrilled with his hair. He's kind of got that Ross from 'Friends' thing going on and it's not a great look for anyone, really. ) But a kid will help his imagine I'd imagine. The husband and father running for office with his wife standing by his side and cradling their adorable child. You could make a Hallmark card out of it if it wouldn't make people retch and vomit.

Gavin's image doesn't need a whole lot of boosting, really. He's done OK, Oh, well, there was that one incident about two years ago. But something like should be pretty easy to bounce back from right? I mean, so you're the mayor of San Francisco and one of your aides, who is also one of your best friends, has a really smokin' hot wife. And, well, you know, you kind of have an affair with that woman for a while and no one says anything. But then she goes into some treatment program for something or other and next thing you know, she's confessing her sins, her husband is resigning and Gavin is appearing as if he's the body part that got him into the mess in the first place. Sure, no problem. (Yeah, right!) Adultery? Not a big deal in the political world. Nooooo. Of course not. (Translation: HUGE deal. Big. HUGE.)

In what little defense I have for Gavin in regard to this matter (and it's really pathetic at best, as I do loathe those who cheat, but it should be said), the woman that he slept with was really hot! I mean, the woman that he's married to now is pretty hot as well AND she's not married, so he did much better choosing his wife than he did choosing his frolicking buddy there. But it'd be a hard offer to pass up (pun probably intended).

But he did OK bouncing back from that one. Hopefully, he'll do fine as a father and as a husband and that he won't cheat on his current smoking hot wife. When I heard about the pregnancy, I couldn't help but wonder how Gavin's going to do with the whole childbirth experience deal. I mean, is he going to be her coach? Offer her encouragement? Be supportive? Now, those are all good things and things that I'd imagine that he probably should do. But why is it that whenever I picture him being in that supportive role, I always hear what he's saying in the clip below. Go figure. (The sound might be crappy, so you might have to turn up your speakers. Hey, I didn't post the video, I just pulled it from YouTube like everyone else does. Not my fault and you've been warned, so we're good.)

Aw, gee Gavin. She's your wife and she's giving birth. Did you have to put it like that?! "The door's wide open now!" Yes, she knows! "It's gonna happen!" I'm sure she's aware by that point! "Whether you like it or not!" OK, that's not very supportive at all! Maybe you should just go wait in the hall, Gavin. Congratulations, but wait in the hall.

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Grannyann said...

I keep hearing Meg Whitman (of eBay fame) is interested in your Governor job. She is a really smart lady, and might be able to get CA out of financial dump. What do the CA citizens think?

Mare said...

I don't know what a lot of people think of Meg's contemplating a run for Governorship, but I question it. She ran eBay for ten years. Technically. I don't know how difficult of a job that was because eBay kind of runs itself in a lot of ways. The State of California runs itself, but only in one way. It runs itself into the ground.

She made a statement the other day that she won't want to make again if she really wants to be Governor. She said that she would cut 10% of State workers jobs to help with the budget debacle. State workers don't want to hear that. State workers have powerful unions who will see to it that she is not elected if she makes it known that's in her plans.

While I agree that State workers shouldn't be exempt from layoffs if they're necessary and I really like the idea of doing so, I don't have enough information about other stuff that she thinks or wants to do to make an adequate assessment as to whether or not she'd be qualified. She is working on her personal appearance, however, and that will be important to way too many people when it comes time to vote, unfortunately.