Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, to my surprise, the new year has started off with something reasonable. The good folks over there at Lake Superior State University have come out with their "33rd annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness." And God bless 'em for it, too. You guys rule. Unfortunately, none of the words of the year were on that list and they did restore usability status to "truthiness", but no one's perfect. The list:

~ Perfect Storm I'm not really sure what this refers to, although it is not a hurricane.
~ Webinar Haven't even heard this one too much. Glad it's gone though.
~ Waterboarding This makes torture sound much more fun than it really is.
~ Organic Code word for "sucker" if you're paying the price for something "organic".
~ Word Smith/ Word Smithing Again, unclear as to meaning. Hate it when I hear it.
~ Author/Authored What the hell was wrong with "wrote"?
~ Post 09/11 Everything is "post 09/11" if you think about it. Everything is also post yesterday.
~ Surge If something was surging, in the past, it usually wasn't good. It's used now like it's great.
~ Give back Always in an ambiguous form. Never states "to who", "give what" or "why"
~ (blank) is the new (blank) As in "dumb is the new smart".
~ Black Friday If they can get rid of it's distant cousin "Cyber Monday" next year, I'll be thrilled.
~ Back in the day People using it do not realize it makes them sound really old. And dumb.
~ Random Misused, usually by teenagers, and also used to state the blatantly obvious.
~ Sweet Hate this word. If they can axe 'phat' from the list next year, they'll be on a roll.
~ Decimate Used to refer to utter destruction. Now refers to any degree of loss.
~ Emotional Usually when it's used, it's redundant as we can SEE the emotion being described.
~ Pop Overused by any designer when referring to one color enhancing another.
~ It is what it is Mainly used by those responsible for a debacle to avoid taking responsibility.
~ Under the bus Basically, to blame. Why a bus? Why not a truck or a plane? I don't know.

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