Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back To The Tiger

There's now reports that the guys that were attacked by the tiger had slingshots on them and they had an empty bottle of vodka in the car that they took to the zoo. Like I said yesterday, I'm holding off on total judgement until more facts are uncovered. But I'm not holding off on all judgement.

Look, if these guys were taunting the tiger, what did they expect? Granted, if the enclosure that the tiger was in was not tall enough (apparently it was supposed to be like 18 feet but it was really only the height of a street curb.) that is problematic. However, would it have been as problematic if the tiger didn't have a reason to go a-leaping from it's captive abode and start seeking out those who taunted it? Of course not.

If I were an animal held captive in a zoo, I think that, after a while, I'd get a little pissed off. And it would only be a matter of time before I just completely snapped. Now, if someone had a slingshot and was hurling things at me, I'm gonna snap a lot sooner than I would have had that not occurred. And, in those circumstances, it would hardly be unreasonable. It's a TIGER! They look all nice and cuddly, but they're carnviorous animals. They eat meat. They eat meat that they have killed. People are made out of meat! Tigers do not discriminate as to where their meat comes from. And if it comes from something that has been pissing them off, all the better for the tiger.

Should things like this happen? Of course not. Would they happen if people didn't do dumb things? Of course not. So why is it that people do dumb things and suddenly there is this huge uproar that this shouldn't have been allowed to happen? If the enclosure had been the right height, then they could have taunted the animal all day long and it would have jumped and jumped and jumped and never ate them. THAT is supposed to be OK? How about just not taunting a tiger and if you do, well, you're taking your chances as to what could happen next. What's wrong with THAT thinking? Must be something wrong with it, because I seem to be the only one with that thought.

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