Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Honey, Bambi and I Are Going For A Walk.

I'm pretty creative, but some things I just cannot make up. LIke this:

This from WXII-12 in Winston, NC. Witnesses eating lunch Sunday at TJ's Deli in Winston-Salem were startled when they said a woman walking a pet deer on a leash lost control of the animal, causing it to break through a window and run amok through the restaurant's dining room.(Although walking a deer on a leash in and of itself is odd, I'm actually more curious (at this point) as to how one gets a deer, pet or not, on a leash in the first place. And since when can deer be pets? What the hell is going on over there in North Carolina anyway?)

Store employees tried to shoo the deer toward the restaurant's back door, while patrons stood on tables to avoid the fracas. (Not that standing on tables in a restaurant won't actually contribute to a fracas, but in the heat of the moment, I could see where it would seem like a good idea.)

The deer, which witnesses described as a 120 to 140-pound doe, finally ran through the kitchen and out the back door. (Apparently, a description of the animal and it's approximate weight was necessary in order to convey the meaning of the term "deer".)

No one was injured in the melee, and there's no word on why the woman had the deer or if charges would be filed against her. (How in the hell is there "no word" on why the woman had the deer on a leash and was taking it for a walk?! THAT is the crux of this story! How do you get every other bit of information, including the weight and sex of the deer itself, but not find out why a woman had it on a leash?? It's things like this that keep me up at night.

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