Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Result of 7 Years of Thinking

No big lead-in. Just some highlights of what the DHS spent seven years coming up with for their REAL ID Act, designed to make it harder for those who potentially want to kill us to obtain government issued IDs, such as driver's licenses. The key here is the seven years part. That and originally this program was going to got $14.6 billion but the "managed" to shave it down to $3.9 billion, a saving of 73 percent.

Highlight 1: The licenses will have three layers of security measures that will NOT be microchips. They're not saying what those three layers are. I'm guessing they had to go with corn chips as part of that 73 percent cost reduction.

Highlight 2: Over the next year, the government expects that all states begin checking Social Security numbers and the immigration status of people who apply for a driver's license. Apparently, the majority of states already check SSNs. Only half of the states currently check immigraton status. So, not much of a change there, really. Although it does surprise me that these things aren't being done already. It's kind of a no brainer.

Highlight 3: This is my favorite. And it clearly shows what 7 years of government thinking will get you. They will now take your picture at the beginning of the process instead of the end. That way, if something should go awry, such as you can't prove your identity or your citizenship, they already have a photo of you in case you try to weasel your way back in again. Uh-huh.....and.....? Nope. That's it.

Although I'm glad this program isn't going to cost $14.6 billion dollars, how in the hell is it going to cost even $3.9 billion dollars?! How?! There's no way! None! There is NO way that this cost can even come close to being justified. Even if they went with potato chips instead of corn chips (and I'm talking the good potato chips, not those crappy store brand ones that always have the burnt edges with the tinge of green), this cannot possibly cost $3.9 BILLION dollars!

And they spent SEVEN YEARS coming up with this crap? If this is what they finally decided would be best, what in the name of God did they reject?? How could they have spent SEVEN YEARS going, "No...maybe the end would be the best place to take the photo. Let's do the photo at the end. What? At the beginning? might be onto something there, Johnson. Er, Thompson. Whatever. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Anyone? Anyone?"


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Anonymous said...

LMAO at your corn chips comment. Ur right..even deluxe brand name chips wouldn't cost this much.

Government was not meant be efficient's good it didn't take 14 years

Mare said...

It isn't so much the inefficiency that irritates me. It's the glare from all of the beams of pride that are radiating from those who participated in this ridiculousness that bug me. Seven years AFTER 09/11 and THIS is what we get. Yeah, I feel much safer NOW.