Saturday, January 5, 2008

That Tiger Got a Raw Deal

The more I read about the tiger that killed one guy and mauled two other guys at the SF Zoo on Christmas, the more I start to think that those guys received a natural consequence for something and that the tiger got a raw deal when it was shot and killed.

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting this morning that the two brothers, Paul and Kulbir Dhaliwal, are refusing to let police look at their cell phones for any text messages or photos that are believed to be on the phones from the day that the tiger went all, well, tiger on them.

I'll try putting myself in their position....without the dumbness. I'm mauled by a tiger. I didn't do anything at all to provoke the tiger into thinking I was it's lunch for the day. Police ask me to see my cell phone. I give them my cell phone.

Does that seem accurate for someone who didn't have something to hide? Does that seem accurate for someone who doesn't have Mark Geragos as their attorney? Does that seem accurate for someone who just wants this whole thing to be done and over with and for everyone to finally get to the bottom of what happened? Sure it does.

And now I ask the same questions of someone who has refused to let police look at their cell phone under the same tiger-mauling scenario. Does that seem to be an accurate response? Refusing to let those investigating look at your cell phone. Of course not. It's ridiculous. There's absolutely zero reason for them to refuse that request. Well, if they didn't have something to hide, there's absolutely zero reason. If they DID have something to hide or if they think that whatever is on those cell phones might result in their monetary reward for damages (that I'm sure they are anticipating) being significantly lessened or eliminated, well, then it would make sense.

But when you're claiming that you didn't do anything wrong, yet you don't allow anyone to fully investigate and you hinder investigations that are going on in order to back up or refute that claim, you've just indicated that you did something. I don't know what it was and I'm not claiming to know and I'm not even going to try to guess. But whatever it is, I'll guarantee it's more than nothing.

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