Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hugo and Naomi, Take Two

I said I couldn't wait to hear how the Naomi Campbell interviews Hugo Chavez incident turned out. I lied. I could have waited.

Apparently, Campbell was hired by the British GQ to interview Chavez.The article comes out on Thursday and in it, Campbell write that Chavez is a "rebel angel". She also praises his singing voice and chats with him about the Spice Girls.

Of course! That's what the current international policy of the US is missing! Spice Girl chit-chat!

But wait, there's more! Perhaps too much more. He also offered to pose shirtless. Again, clearly what the currenty US international policy is lacking; more skin!

Apparently Chavez's BFF is Fidel Castro. Also apparent is that there is WAY too much talk about fashion and dress in this interview. Not on Campbell's part. On Hugo's part!! Chavez said Castro's "dress sense" made him the world's most stylish leader. (As if that is actually a necessary qualification of one who strives to be a world leader.) And, yes, he is referring to the same Fidel Castro who looks like a withered and bearded Stuart Little in fatigues. He says, "His uniform is impeccable. His boots are polished, his beard is elegant." Perhaps instead of spending a lot of time with Castro, Chavez should start spending more time on the Castro. As in Blvd. As in San Francisco. He'll find a lot of polished boots over there. They'll have women in them (well, technically they're women), but they'll be polished.

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