Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You Have To Ask??

Monday, MySpace.com announced that it is going to take more steps in order to protect children from prossible predators and from adult content that is on it's site. This resulting from "increasing pressure" from "state attorneys general". That's kinda good.

Does it really have to take "pressure" from state attorneys for MySpace to do more to protect younger users from porn and perverts? What? Without "pressure" they'd just allow the site to gradually morph into Porn-A-Palooza? Who benefits from that? I can't imagine anyone, other than the pervs, would.

Look, it's unfortunate that I don't make the rules. I am not the boss of the Internet. But, come on! Can these major websites not just do something that is reasonable and makes sense and is probably better for everyone in the end (again, except for the pervs) without having to be asked/told first?

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