Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tigers and Idiots

It just keeps getting better. The San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday that paramedics heard 23-year-old Kulbir Dhaliwal tell his brother, Paul, 19, "Don't tell them what we did." Nice.

The article also cites sources that say that both brothers had been using marijuana and drinking. The younger brother had apparently drank enough to have a BAC greater than .08. Yes, that would be the brother who is 19 and not legally old enough to drink.

So, stoned and drunk and at the zoo, possibly taunting 350 pound Siberian tigers who like to eat meat that people are made out of. It sounds just like it must have been with Joseph and Mary and the Baby Jesus at the very first Christmas.

Can we all just hope that these idiots are not going to be rewarded for their idiocy with a huge pile of money? Please? I don't care if the zoo is liable for making sure that the animals are secure at all times regardless of circumstance. Why does "circumstance" have to include idiots. I am tired of hearing about the zoo's liability. I want to hear about the liability of people who do stupid things and reap natural (and unpleasant) consequences as a result. Where is their liability? Why are the natural and unpleasant consequences suddenly an injustice to those who have reaped them? When do they get held accountable? I'm guessing, with Mark Geragos involved, not for a while.

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