Monday, January 28, 2008

I Only Need A Couple of Gadgets

I just read a list titled "The Best Bathroom Gadgets". They ranged from a toothbrush with a timer on it (so you know when to stop brushing your teeth, not when that cake in the oven is done), a toilet with a glowing purple light emitting from within, a phone in the shower, an all over body drier (which I imagine is just as effective as those air hand dryers in public restrooms. That is to say, not very.), and something called "Toilet Tunes" which I really didn't want to know much more about and just skipped right on over that one.

Now, look, I'll admit to being a tech junkie. I'm a big fan of the gadget. My favorite ones are gadgets that have dual purposes, preferrably things that have nothing to do with each other. "It's a chain saw AND a bagel toaster!" But I'm drawing the line right here and right now.

Please, whatever you do, do not lose sight of what are really the most important things for you to have in your bathroom. I'm kinda afraid that people will get so enthralled with the commode commodities and start to forget about the very basic items that are essential to the general makeup of a bathroom overall. Believe me, in the end (pun intended), it's not gadgets that you want. It's the basics. That's it. Not very glamorous, not very gadget-y, but honest to God, it's all you need.

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