Monday, January 14, 2008

Held Up With Drywall Compound

In general, I've never really thought of bank robbers as the sharpest tools in the shed. This guy just hammers home that perception for me.

Some dude in Pennsylvania robbed a bank and smeared drywall compound all over his face for his disguise. I know, I know....what's wrong with the ski mask? The paper bag? The Nixon Halloween caricature? Couldn't tell ya.

The other weird thing (as if this story needed more) is that when he was arrested, they found drywall compound smeared on some of his clothes and more drywall compound in the passenger side of his car. So......what? He spackled up right there in the car? Took out the trowel and just smeared it on? (I'm assuming he didn't tape any seams first or anything.) That's strange.

Even if you, at one point, thought that this seemed like a good idea, wouldn't you start to feel just a little bit like a jackass once you started doing it? You probably should just go and get a can of blue spray paint, cover yourself in that, then the cops can just look for those guys from Blue Man Group instead of you.

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