Tuesday, January 22, 2008

That Fence Guy Can Go Home

In regard to whether or not the enclosure was too short at the San Francisco Zoo from which a tiger escaped and killed someone. I don't care what the recommended height is. I don't care what the height of the enclosure/fence is. I don't care what the reports say. I just don't care. Why not? Because the fact that the tiger was able to escape and kill someone tells me right then and there that the fence/enclosure was not tall enough! That moat could have been filled with water and tiger-eating sharks and been surrounded by an electrified barbed wire fence. If a tiger gets out of it and kills someone, it's not enough! I don't need to consult a book of rules and regulations to figure that out!

That official fence measuring guy that they brought in to help with the investiation can go home now. I'll take it from here. It's too short. Next!

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