Friday, January 4, 2008

AMC or VH1?

I'm flipping channels tonight and come across "Working Girl" on AMC. A couple things struck me as I watched the last 30 minutes.

First, comparing then and now, Alec Baldwin is huge. He used to be this pasty, pale, wiry guy with no ass and pipe cleaner arms. But he's been looking like Al Gore's long lost brother for a while now.

But when did AMC start using the bottom, oh, fifth of the screen as a non-scrolling marquee for little known film tidbits? Seriously. The bottom fifth of the screen is this ugly gray color and every 15-20 seconds, some new little cinematic nugget shows up. "The ferry that Melanie Griffith rode in the movie was 25 cents each way." "Carly Simon filmed her music video for the movie's theme on a ferry in a hailstorm." "Men like Melanie Griffth more than women do." "Even though Sigourney Weaver was in this, there were no aliens." (I made the last one up, but the rest were in there.)

I find it highly annoying. And pointless. Am I watching AMC or VH1 Pop-Up Video?

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