Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weather Related What?

You know NECCO? They make those chalky wafer-like things that they pass off as candy. They also make the chalky heart-shaped-like things they pass off as candy around Valentine's Day. Yeah, them. For some reason, they have decided that the candy hearts, Sweethearts as they are called, will have a weather theme this year. Yes, a weather theme. A theme about the weather.

Some of the phrases to be included on said candy heart are "In A Fog" "Chill Out" "Sun Shine" "Get My Drift" and "Heat Wave" to name a few.

They are also including some nature themed phrases, such as "Nature Lover" and "Wild LIfe".

According to the marketing manager for NECCO, these phrases, "highlight the excitement and unpredictability of the day to day change of weather and people's love lives."

OK, I get that. But why am I concerned that my candy hearts need to make a statement about the weather that is also congruent with a statement about love? Oh, that's right, I'm not. So why are the folks at NECCO concerned with it? Is it because of all of the concern about the environment and they saw this as an opportunity to jump on the green bandwagon? It just doesn't make sense.

It reminds me of a little shop that was across the street from a place that I used to work at. The store sold Greek pastries and rented Spanish videos. I swear. We called it Baklava and LaBamba.

NECCO should call this idea "Weather or Not".

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