Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Don't Think That Means What YOu Think It Means

What we have here, according to the LA Times, is a story about a bunch of coal miners in Ohio who say that they were forced to attend a rally for Mitt Romney.  Now, the rally was on the 14th of August, so I'm not sure why we're just now hearing about this.  I can have a really hard time giving half a crap about things when I'm hearing about them over two weeks later.  You gotta stay current!  But that's what they say happened and now it's being looked into. 

Here's what it was about this story that caught my attention.  The article states: "Asked by WWVA radio’s (David) Blomquist about the allegations on Monday’s show, Murray (Energy's) chief operating officer Robert Moore said: “Attendance was mandatory but no one was forced to attend the event.”  Wait.  What now? was mandatory, but that doesn't mean that anyone was "forced" to attend.  Um, I don't think that "mandatory" means what he thinks it means.  I certainly don't think that he knows that mandatory means mandatory.  And look, we could quibble about the definition of what "forced" really means, but that would be silly.  We know that they weren't "forced" at the point of a gun to attend the rally.  But I'm fairly certain that the company has an expectation of what the protocol is for a "mandatory" event and I'm guessing that it doesn't involve not showing up.  Now, if you don't want to say that could be called "force", I suppose you can go that way with it.  But I think we all know what they meant. 

I wonder if the tool bucket who said that realizes how ridiculous that actually sounded.  "Oh, it was mandatory, but we didn't make anyone go."  Uh, I think that by calling it "mandatory" in the first place was all you needed to do to "make" people go. This sounds to me like there was a little more to it and that they were, in fact, really forced to go to a political rally whether they supported that candidate or not.  (I couldn't imagine having to go to a political rally at all, even if I technically supported the candidate at said rally.  I say "technically" because I'm pretty much fed up with all of them right about now and can't seriously imagine supporting anyone more than half-assedly.)

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