Sunday, September 9, 2012

What Was That, Tom?

I had heard that Tom Brokaw went to the emergency room the other day because he wasn't feeling all that great after an appearance on Morning Joe.  I wouldn't have felt so good either if I had to appear on that show with that airheaded twit Mika Brzezinski.  And then I heard later on that he said that he "accidentally" took half of an Ambien and that made him just a tad loopy.  OK, that's fine, I suppose.  Everyone makes mistakes.  But I didn't realize that there was video/audio of this ordeal!  And there IS!  And it's spectacular.  Please ignore the title of the video that some dope labeled "Tom Brokaw Clearly Drunk".  He's clearly not drunk.  Oh, there's something wrong all right, but it's obvious to me anyway (as someone who has been drunk on more than one occasion) that he's not drunk.  Behold! 

In case you didn't catch all of that, here's a transcript:  "There was a party at the top of the hotel yesterday that has a very sleek, modern hotel and the glass is not exactly clear in terms of where you walk from where you step next.  So, Bob, the former Secretary of the Treasury has a lot of (Fail acts?  Phalanx?  Hard to tell what he says here.) people around him.  He stepped confidently into the party room and deeply into the pool."  Uh, yeah.  That doesn't make any sense, Tom.  I'm glad that it was just a misplaced Ambien and not something more serious.  I like Tom Brokaw.  I don't particularly care for him all hopped up on sleep aids, but regular Tom Brokaw, I like. 

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