Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fry Up Some Fat For The Fair

I was having a hard time coming up with something to post for today.  Yeah, yeah.  I could have said something about the Democratic National Convention, but I just didn't have it in me.  They're awfully proud of their own act.  I only watched Michelle's speech and one other guy's, but it was enough for me for one night.  Thus, I started searching the Internet for drivel.  And I came across fried food from state fairs.  I know what you're thinking.  It's the typical stuff that used to be sooooo outrageous at one point, but has become just grossly mundane.  And I would agree with that assessment...until I came upon something from the Iowa State Fair.  They've really taken this theme of American obesity and totally run with it.  I present to you, courtesy of the deep fat fryers at the Iowa State Fair, a deep-fried (wait for it) stick (Yes!  An entire stick!) of butter.  Behold! 

Oh, God.  I think I'm gonna hurl.  And that chick has two of them?!  Oh, if you're wondering what that goo stuff is on the outside of it, that would be a glaze.  You know, like you find on cinnamon rolls.  Because if there's one thing that a deep-fried stick of butter would need, it's a little frosting.  I looked up the "nutritional" information for a stick of butter and what I learned sickened me.  The thing has 810 calories.  That's bad enough.  But it also has (brace yourselves) 91.65 grams of fat.  That's 141% of the maximum recommended fat intake for one day.  And I should mention that 58.046 of those grams are saturated fat.  That's only 290% of your maximum recommended saturated fat intake per day.  So you're consuming about three days worth of fat by eating one deep fried stick of butter.  The good news for the woman above is that one stick is 56% of her daily needed Vitamin A intake.  So after she scarfs down both of those piping hot tubes of lard, she'll be good to go in the Vitamin A department.  She'll also be good to go in the coronary attack department.  (That's obviously in the not so good category.)

 And look, I realize that a lot of these deep-fried fair foods are not something that people eat every day.  But I still can't condone eating a stick of butter that has been fried in fat.  That can't be good for you at all.  Not even once.  And in the case of the woman above, not even twice. 


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