Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rachel Gets The Apple Phone Five

I've always wondered what it is that drives people to wait outside the Apple store before the launch of a new phone. OK, I understood it when the very first iPhone came out. That was something, I suppose. But come on. We're on the 5. AND there's the Internet that you can order it on AND have it delivered the SAME day that those dolts who are in line for days on end will receive theirs.  So why are they in line?  Well, meet Rachel.  Rachel is pure gold.  That's what Rachel is.  Rachel, doesn't seem to have any idea why she's waiting in line, other than she saw people waiting in line and decided to join in once she realized that it was for the "Apple Phone 5".  She thinks that the Internet is full of scams, that's why she chose the line over online ordering.  The thing that she really likes the most about Apple Phone 5?  It has an apple on it.  That's pretty cool, right?  And she heard that it was only $200, so that really has her excited.  And don't worry.  If it's more than $200, she has her credit card with her, so all will be good!  Look, I'm trying to paint the best picture that I can of this chick, but you really need to hear it from her.  The video is below.  Oh, and please don't overlook the fact that she's sitting in what appears to be some sort of leather recliner or something.  It's not a camping chair like you usually see.  No, she's sitting in something (with the world's largest purse, might I add) that looks like it belongs in my grandpa's living room. 

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