Saturday, September 8, 2012

We've Heard It All Before

This is a pretty good don't-vote-for-President-Barry-again ad.  I'm not quite sure why I've only seen this online and not on actual TV, but maybe that's how we're doing things these days.  Mitt needs more stuff like this.  It speaks for itself.  And that's more than Mitt has been doing these days.  He won't talk about certain things and I get that.  (I almost appreciate it.  Seriously, I don't think I can stand another debate over birth control.  And I'm a chick.)  But he needs to make some better points.  He's boring.  Not that this commercial is exciting, but at least you pay attention to it.  (I think that's because you never see or hear Mitt Romney.  All you see and hear is President Barry.  People still care what he has to say.  Mitt Romney?  Not so much.)

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