Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome Home, Ah-Ah

I found this to be pretty cool.  I guess that there's this kid and when he was a baby, he got a blue stuffed monkey that he named Ah-Ah.  Ah-Ah went everywhere and did everything with him.  Then Ah-Ah got lost on a camping trip and naturally, the kid was devastated.  So, get this:  Three years later, the kid's mom is on eBay and decides on a whim to search for 'blue monkey'.  Guess what came up in the results?  A blue monkey that didn't just look like Ah-Ah.  It WAS Ah-Ah.  The very same monkey that he lost when he was camping three years before.  Somehow, the monkey had found its way to Florida and onto the Internet.  So here's the story of how Ah-Ah came home.  It's fairly touching.   (And if you're skeptical that this really went down this way, I did a little looking and found the posting on eBay here.)

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