Friday, September 14, 2012

The "New" iPhone 5

I've gotta give Apple credit.  They have warped the minds of the general public into thinking that their products are semi-God-like that it's really quite impressive.  Seriously, show almost anyone out there an Apple product and just tell them that it's "new" and watch them drool over it.  Oh, did I mention that it doesn't matter if it actually IS new or not?  Yeah, it doesn't.  Just tell people that it's the "new" Apple whatever and they'll think it's just swell. That's what Jimmy Kimmel did.  He told people on the street that they had the new iPhone 5 and he wanted to know what they thought of it.  He then proceeded to hand them the iPhone 4S (as he would have to do because the iPhone 5 isn't out yet) and ask them what they thought of the "new iPhone 5".  Naturally, because the public is full of simpletons, they loved it!  Oh, it was lighter and looked more durable and had brighter colors and an HD screen and all sorts of "improvements" that people just loved.  And I honestly can do nothing but commend Apple on the incredible job of brainwashing people to the degree that they have.  It's amazing.  The video of these folks gushing over the "new" iPhone is below.  Enjoy! 

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