Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When It's Time To Change

Are you ready for your change? Because change is coming. We were promised change. It is distinctly remembered that is what we were promised. Change. And here it is! Your day of change! Oh, and you'll feel changed all right. By the time it's over, a lot of people will feel change. And I have the feeling that a lot of people are going to be rather disappointed when they step back and look at the change that has occurred. They'll think that it wasn't the kind of change that they signed up for when, in fact, it is exactly the kind of change they signed up for. They were just too busy swooning and softly weeping to really wrap their heads around the changes. We'll get back to these folks in a few.

There are also the folks who are aware that "change is coming" and, while they're prepared for it, they're not overly thrilled about it. A few of those folks are seen here:

I have absolutely NO idea what in the world any of those guys and the ones that aren't pictures are going to talk about on their shows from now on. Opening monologues? Virtually eliminated with the departure of George W. Bush. Look for 5-7 minutes of shadow puppets and Knock-Knock jokes.

But those guys are ready for it. They live their fantasy lives based firmly in reality. Others? Not so much. People think they want change. But that's only because people have forgotten that we don't like change. No, we don't. We prefer things to be the same in the vaguest of senses. If our lives are good, we prefer to keep the goodness about them. If our lives suck, we prefer to keep the suckiness about them because we've gotten really good at all of the bitching we do about said suckiness. Here are just a few examples of people who are going to be disappointed with their forthcoming "change".

  • The Gays.
Now, I don't know how they all missed it, but Barack Obama is not in favor of gay marriage. For some unknown reason, even though he had made it very clear that was his position, many of those in the gay community were seemingly confused. (I don't know what it was that confused them. Maybe they thought he was a top?) Thus, when he invited Rick Warren to speak at the inauguration, there were gay hissy fits being thrown nationwide. I think that a fair number of those who were upset by Barry's selection of Rev. Warren are thinking that things are going "to change". I don't think that they are, meaning, I don't think Barry is going to change his mind about this one. So the gays will be disappointed.

  • Left-Left-And-Farther-To-The-Left Liberals
These folks are going to be disappointed when they realize that Barry isn't and never was that much of a leftie. He's left, but he's not psycho left. As depicted in the handy chart below, these folks see Barry as the image on the left (catchy, eh?), but he's really more like the image on the right. And regardless of left or right, Barry has done something that most politicians (yes, he really is a politician!) don't do and that is he has tried to be all inclusive with those that surround him. He has also tried to come across (and succeeded) as the sort of guy who can see things from all sides. But that comes across to some as he's going to see things from all sides and then side with the left. I don't think that's necessarily true. These folks will be disappointed.

  • The folks who constantly keep referring to him as our "first black President"

They will be disappointed when, after they have run that phrase and that categorization into the freaking ground (which, by my estimations, based upon current overuse figures, should be right about 10.73 minutes after he is sworn in as our "first black President") and then people start shooting back with, "Um, he's half white!" They will be disappointed to learn that they have to share Messiah Barry with the rest of us. To speed up their disappointment, I'm just going to start referring to him as our "first half-white President" and see how that goes for awhile

  • The woman who left this message.

The angry and delusional woman who left the message was clearly agitated that the bank was "trippin' " and was going to repossess her vehicle. After all she told them that she "was going to get it tooken care of." (Tooken? Honeybabe, forget about the car and get some English lessons tooken care of, will you?) She also clearly explains that she is "not rich like y'all". Apparently, in her world, "y'all" is "rich". But she lets them know that she will be rich. Why? "That's because we got Ba-rack o-BA-ma!" That woman is going to be disappointed. And angrier. Probably still delusional as well. But she will definitely be disappointed.
  • The woman who made this statement:

Clearly, that woman knows something that I am not aware of. According to her, with Barry being President, she is no longer going to have to worry about putting gasoline in her car! She is also no longer going to have to worry about paying her mortgage! Why? Because she helped Barry (get elected) and now Barry is going to help her! You know, I pay close attention to the news nearly every day, but I must have missed the day when Barry said that when he was elected that he was giving away free gasoline AND free houses! I like houses! I like gasoline! I helped Barry get elected! Where's my free gas and house?! Yep, that woman is going to be disappointed.

  • Many, many individuals in this crowd:

The emerging theme that I keep hearing in Barry's proclamations of change to come is individual responsibility and hard work. For everyone. But that's not the emerging theme that I hear from a lot of people. No, a lot of people expect to sit back and have this whole recession nonsense cleared up by the weekend or, at the very latest, Super Bowl Sunday. (Barry wouldn't let us have our Super Bowl all recession-y, would he? No! Of course not!) Then again, I don't know if I blame 'em. When things are going crappy, who doesn't want someone to just step in and save the day? But what if someone 'saving the day' is them telling you what it is that you need to do? That's not the kind of saving a lot of people have in mind. Those people are going to be disappointed.

And finally, I have to imagine, after seeing the photo below, that the Bush daughters are going to be a little disappointed, but not so much in Barry but more for how things are going to go for them. After all, their dad wasn't even officially out of office at the time that the photo was taken during the Pre-Inaugural Bash With Lotsa Singing Celebrity Folks, and look at 'em! Suddenly and without warning: bag ladies! That was quick!

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1 comment:

La Belle Canadienne said...

Well Mare at least u didn't disappoint...lmao. I couldn't quite bring myself 2 leave my cubicle and go downstairs and join some of the other Canucks watch "History in the Making" on a big screen in the lobby. Eyes rolling big time.

How historic is this when Barry doesn't even have ancestors that were American slaves. No one in his family worked on a plantation in the south or was raped by the landowner or whatever. So I'm not quite sure why Black Americans are identifying with him so much. HE IS PROBABLY MORE WHITE THAN BLACK FRANKLY. I'm also going to call him the 1st half white president..I liked that. Culturally he spent most of his life in the bosom of his mother's family. His skin tone is the result of genetic roulette really.
Please people get over this skin tone crap already. As a person of mixed ethnic backgrounds I get tired of hearing about this kind of thing. It gets old very fast.

The hysteria surrounding this presidency is insane. I watched the American news affiliates. Hey Tom Brokaw is still alive and kickin'. Woo Hoo :)But if I hear the word "Hope" 1 more time...uggh...Many of my coworkers though have overdosed on this Barry phenomenon and are just as cynical as myself. Will my Canadian dollar go back to being at par with the US dollar after plummeting thanks 2 the financial disaster that has spread like a virus worldwide...highly unlikely.

So no we are not expecting great CHANGE from Barry. And I wouldn't be surprised if he is more conservative than he has let on. A lot of people got very rich during the last 8 years. Corporations outsourced for a reason. How much of the status quo can he really change without upsetting the establishment.

U hit the nail on the head. People, by and large, hate change. Especially those old baby boomer people. They love and live to wallow in misery and bitch. It becomes a habit. Suffice it to say, they won't be disappointed. There will be plenty of opportunity to vent, bitch and cry over that lost job and living in the homeless shelter (after the house and the car were repossessed).

Gotta admire the Middle Easterners. Unlike those kooky Kenyans, they aren't buying the "President of the World" hype that they are pumping out on the news affiliates. More of the same crap will be doled out to the Arabs & muslims and they know this. Not everyone is wearing rose-coloured glasses.

Gotta say, Michelle hon, who picked that godawful horrid colour you were wearing? Opie please send your stylist over to the white house asap!

Mare...good 2 know I'm not the only one who is anal about the English language. Cuz I thought y'all 'mericans be trippin' when y'all be talkin'.

Nice to know that some of you can string a sentence or two together! :-)