Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If You Don't Know, Then It's Not Illegal

What in the world is wrong with some people? Don't answer that. I'll get to it soon enough. I'll start in Greenfield, CA. In Greenfield, there isn't a whole heck of a lot around. The population is 16,629 and from the looks of things, that's about 16,000 more than I would have guessed. Behold! Greenfield!

Ugh. Let's talk about the residents. Meet 36-year old Marcelino de Jesus Martinez.

Mr. Martinez had made a deal with a one 18-year old Margarito de Jesus Galindo where Margarito (not to be confused with Mojito, which is something completely different and probably the name of one of their relatives as well) would make payments in installments to Marcelino. When Margarito fell behind on his payments, Marcelino went to the police to complain. That would have been a reasonable move on Marcelino's end except for the part about what it was that Margarito fell behind in payments on. In other words, what did Margarito buy from Marcelino that he stopped paying for? That's right, Marcelino's 14-year old daughter. Wait. What?

Correct. Marcelino sold his 14-year old daughter to Margarito. Now, if you're wondering what's the going rate for a 14-year old girl these days, it seems to be rather complicated and fairly lengthy. I also have found no way to verify if this is what other 14-year olds are being trafficked for. But in this case, the girl was worth $16,000. Sixteen grand and....that's right, 150 cases of beer. Whaaa.......I'm not done!! Sixteen grand, 150 cases of beer, 100 cases of soda (no word on what brand, nor whether it was regular or diet), 50 cases of Gatorade (because that man looks like an athlete who needs to have his nutrients and fluids replenished on a daily basis), six cases of meat (yes, MEAT), two cases of wine, no partridge, no pear tree (from what I can tell). (Hey, no smokes? What's up with that?) What. The. Hell.

That's a lot of liquid! Can this man not do his own shopping? Couldn't he have just asked for the entire human trafficking payment to be made in cash and then went out and bought his own thirst quenching beverages for himself? And what kind of meat are we talking about here? Steak? I can't imagine it would be ground beef (or worse, those pre-made patties that are suitable only for drunken backyard barbeques in the middle of summer). I find the disproportionate numbers between the cases of beer (150) and the cases of wine (2) quite curious. Not as curious as these asshats who were involved in this escapade, but curious still.

How much extra would that be, you wonder? Well, OK, I wonder. Let's do the math, shall we?

  • Soda - $12 per case. 100 cases. $1200.00
  • Beer (Bud Light, but it was probably PBR) - $18 per case. 150 cases. $2700.00
  • Gatorade - $1.39 ea. 24 in each case $33.36 per case. $1668
  • Wine (I'm assuming a box, but it could be those screw top numbers) - $12 per box. 8 boxes in each case. $96 per case. $192
  • Total: $5760.00-ish.

I don't know what a typical "case of meat" consists of or goes for these days, but he only wanted six of them. Again, very disproportionate in numbers to the beverages. But let's just say a "case of meat" is $200. Six of those is another $1200 which would make the total extra $6970.00. Add that to the $16,000 price tag and you have got yourself $22,970 worth of girl to sell there. If you're an A-hole, that is.

Oh, but this story gets better. Or worse. Worse, it gets worse. But not on the part of Dumb and Dumber there. According to the Chief of Police there in Greenfield, a one Chief Joe Grebmeier, "...Martinez was not aware of United States laws that prohibit arranged marriages involving minors." Oh, really? Now, would it surprise you to learn that they are in this country illegally? :::gasp!:::: Yes, I know! I was shocked as well! So, perhaps dude should have studied up on that as he was crawling across the border as to be undetected by our border patrols! Or maybe he could have taken some time to brush up on the laws in this country while he was in that truck he was crammed into with 37 other illegals when they were shuttled undetected into the US. And while I have no idea how he came to be in this country, all I know is that he isn't supposed to be here and that's plenty! I don't care what laws he was or was not aware of! That's because he doesn't seem to care about the law that says you need to be a legal resident of this country to be here!

The reason he wasn't aware of any laws is because he doesn't care about any laws in this country! If he did care, he wouldn't be here illegally! Man, this burns my toast! But the Chief of Police continued to speak and my toast continued to get burnt as he explained the difference in culture south of the border, claiming, "Different communities have different cultures... some things are legal in Mexico and not legal here." Yes! That's true. And do you know what one of the things that is not legal in this country? Illegal immigrants!! Hence the term, illegal!!

Then, the folks over there at Fox35-KCBA took this story to a place that it just shouldn't go. Their headline was "Cultural Customs Could be to Blame For Father Allegedly Selling His Daughter." That sound you just heard? That was me, snapping off. They report that Marcelino is "...from the Mexican State of Oaxaca and is a member of the Indigenous group: Triqui. For centuries, Triquis have arranged the marriages of their underage children even though it is illegal to do so in Mexico." So, where he is from it is illegal to sell your children. So how, how, HOW can they even think about saying that he "didn't know" it was illegal HERE?? Oh, and it's not some minority advocate group that is saying that he "didn't know". According to the KCBA folks, "Authorities believe Martinez did not know it was illegal to sell his underage daughter in this country." We are doomed. Doomed. Doomed.

Real quick, let me enable that line of thinking with a word or two from a one Sam Trevino from the Monterey County Department of Social and Employment Services. He says "...that the problem could be the lack of education." (Educated about what? Our immigration laws?! That would be a fine place to start!) He says that "...some of these people don't know the customs and laws here in the United States and the language barrier doesn't help either. " (The only "language barrier" in play here is people who won't learn how to speak English!) "...a large number of the Triqui population in Greenfield speaks little or no Spanish, and the majority of them do not know how to speak English." (I keep waiting for the part about where he explains why they won't learn English or why they're in this country illegally and how this is MY problem!!) And he finishes me off (probably with a coronary attack) with, "...while there is an outreach to teach them what the laws are in California, and in Monterey County he says, "from a human services perspective, we can never have enough resources". How many of my taxpayer dollars are going for this "outreach" to teach them "the laws"? They're not supposed to BE HERE. How about if we "reach out" and drop them right back over the border into Mexico? That's about the only kind of "outreach" I'm in favor of at this point.

And way to go, KCBA folks, for not mentioning even once that these folks are illegals. NOT ONCE did you bring that up and it's kind of a big deal and relevant to the story! You just kept using the term "immigrants" and conveniently left off the "illegal" part. So thanks for your contribution to the continuing decline of accuracy in the American press and media! We should be hitting rock bottom any day now! Keep it up! Your reporting of this story is just chock full of asshattery all the way around.

He's right about one thing, though. We can never have enough resources, provided that "resources" are defined as tall fences and hungry dogs at the border.

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