Sunday, January 25, 2009

But It's Only Been Three Days

If the Gallup Poll numbers released today are any indication, it would appear that we can look forward to at least four years of having things skewed in President Barry's favor as to make him appear to be even more God-like than he is perceived as being. That sounds like great fun, doesn't it?! Ugh.

Today, Gallup (who I generally like and tend to find validity in the polls that they do), with seemingly nothing better to do than crap like this, released the results of a survey done by conducting telephone interviews of 1,591 adults Wednesday to Friday. The results show that 68 percent of Americans approve of Barry's performance. Wow! 68 percent! That's amazing! That's like...hey, wait a minute. He's only been in office for THREE DAYS!!

Oh, wait. Sorry. He had been in office for three days for the folks that were polled on Friday! For the folks that were polled on Wednesday, he hadn't even been President for 24 hours! How are you supposed to answer that question?! "Um, well, OK, I...I guess." Would you really have a reason to disapprove less than 24 hours later? (That question posed as if you were an impartial observer giving a fair and balanced answer. Hahahaha!!)

Seriously, what would it take for people, after THREE DAYS, to disapprove of the job he's doing? Turn the White House into a pyramid? Start sagging his pants and wearing a baseball cap crooked? Put those two adorable little daughters of his up for auction on eBay? What would it take?

The article by the Associated Press states "That's a number near the high end for new presidents, but short of President John F. Kennedy's 72 percent in 1961." The article then goes on to seemingly reiterate that statement, but it turns out instead to be completely useless information that they're continuing to give us when they write "Among presidents elected to their first term, Kennedy had the highest initial job approval rating, 72 percent, in Gallup polling three weeks after his inauguration." Three weeks! Why are they polling people on President Barry only three days (or less) after his botched and flubbed inauguration? And why are they comparing it to other polls that they've conducted after three weeks?!

In more misleading and useless information, we're told that "The poll also found that 12 percent in the survey disapprove of Obama's job performance, a typical number all presidents face after an election." OK, so that's typical, right? That's what it says, but that's not what it says. Later. That's not what it says later. Not much later, but later. "Compared with his immediate predecessors, Obama faces fewer Americans who disapprove of his performance." But wait! You just said....

They don't care. They don't. I know they don't care because they threw out a contradicting statistic, hoping that you had forgotten what you had just read less than two minutes ago and are SO dumb that you'll find this new factoid simply lovely! "Clinton faced 20 percent disapproval after taking office in 1993, and George W. Bush faced 25 percent disapproval after the Supreme Court delivered him the presidency in 2000." Well, 20 percent and 25 percent do not seem like the typical 12 percent that all Presidents face after an election, now, does it? NO!!

This is either crap journalism, crap reporting or crap surveying methods. It's crap and it's one of those. I know that it's one of those because it's only been THREE DAYS since the man was sworn in and they're acting like a poll that was conducted after three days (TOPS!) is indicative of what a wonderfully popular president he is already! Whose idea was this survey anyway? Whoever it is should be fired, as they are clearly a moron. And having morons in charge of things or just running around making decisions all willy-nilly is never a good idea. Ever.

Three days. Three. If the Gallup folks had called me for this survey, I'd have to say that there's at least a 50% chance that I yell at the poor pollster. (Unless I was one of the folks that they called on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after the inauguration. Then there is a 100% chance I yell.) There's absolutely a 100% chance that I would refuse to answer that question. It's whether I would just decline to state an opinion or whether I would absolutely state an opinion (and most likely state it loudly), but it wouldn't be an opinion that they could check off a box on their tally sheet for. It would probably be an opinion that would get me on the Mandatory Do Not Call (Under Any Circumstances) list.

So the Associated Press is in the tank for President Barry. Good to know. I'll keep that in mind whenever I read any future articles they may write about President Barry. That way I'll be able to spot the bias more quickly which will enable me to spend less time reading Associated Press material as I will be moving on to another news source rather soon. What is wrong with you people?

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