Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How To Not Be A Good Parent

What we have here is a very strange case of what I'm dubbing "Irony by Idiots." It appears to be a protest going on in front of OctoMom Nadya Suleman's new home. She hasn't moved in just yet, but the media circus that follows her every waking move (she always starts off walking with her left foot; isn't that interesting? NO!) is constantly in full force. That gaggle of reporters must be quite trying for her new neighbors, who have just witnessed the disintegration of their calm and quiet little neighborhood. But back to the protest.

When I first saw this picture, I thought those folks looked a little young. They are. Because they're children. They can't be more than 12 at the most and two of them can't be more than 8! They have a lovely selection of posters with their messages of protest inked (surprisingly) neatly across them. We have such protesting statements (from the children) as:
  • Get Ur tubes tied. (Um, she conceived through IVF. Having her tubes tied would not have made a difference.)
  • Stop using ur kids for money! (You'd prefer she go back to your money, that of the taxpayer?)
  • Go Back to Whittier! (Oh, grow up. Oh, wait. you're twelve.)
  • Give The "Babies" a Good Home! (I am confused by the quotes around "babies", as people that are only 2 months old are babies. No need for quotes!)
  • Stop having kids if you can't afford them! (I found it interesting they didn't go with the "U" and instead went with the "you", but they couldn't spell out "you're" and had to go with "ur". Odd.)

Now, these photos were lifted from some video footage over there at TMZ (without permission, nor malice) and I will credit the TMZ camera guy for seeing what this was at the beginning as he remarked to whoever he was with, "Child exploitation at it's best?" That's pretty accurate. But the shocker is that he's not talking about OctoMom.

The big kid in the front seems to be acting as the spokesperson for the Dingaling Brothers circus there. He tries to answer the questions with authority and anger, but instead he comes across as rather Jethro-ish. Below I've transcribed the interaction that TMZ filmed.

Other kids: Did you guys make all these signs?

Jethro: Nah.

Camera Guy: Is this your own idea?

Jethro: Yep.

Camera Guy: So you guys don't live here but you want her to go back? To where she's from? (Haven't we passed the "Go home!" with posters and protest stage in this country's history? I thought we had.)

Jethro: Yeah. (pause) We. Want. Her. To go back. (He's not the best spokesperson.)

Camera Guy: Why do you want her to go back?

Jethro: (Furrows brow. Hides behind sign. Still furrowing. Light bulb turns on over head!) Cause she's crazy! She's nutso! (Quick thinking there, Jethro. Good answer. Or not.)

Camera Guy: But you guys don't live here.

Woman behind camera guy: You guys don't live here, so how does it affect you?

Jethro: (Pause. Slowly tries to disappear behind his sign. No light bulb this time.)

Girl in middle: (Holds sign higher. Hopes for distraction.)

Camera Guy: Did your Mom put you up to this?

Jethro: (Deer in headlights look.)

Girl in middle: Yeah! Yeah, she did!

Jethro: (Laughing, laughing, laughing!)

Woman behind Camera Guy: Do you guys know who Nadya Suleman is?

Girl in middle: That creepy lady.

Just to make sure I understand this correctly, allow me to recap: Some poor excuses for parents sent their children over to stand in the street in front of OctoMom's new house (which she isn't even living in yet) with protest signs that don't make a lot of sense for a reason that I can't imagine. Regardless of the "reason", there's absolutely no justification for it at all. It never should have happened. Who are you people and what in the hell is wrong with you? You are either so spineless that you can't go out there and voice your own opinion yourself and so your selfishly make your children do it for you OR you set your children up to be in a situation that you knew would, more likely than not, get their picture in the media due to attention a stunt that like that would draw. That's how you raise your kids, yet you have a problem with Nadya Suleman? Oh, the irony.

I find it more than disturbing that the kids just wanted their picture taken for the news or whatever. They didn't care why. Those signs could have been advocating the legalization of child molestation and bestiality, they would have proudly stood there holding them and smiled away when the camera was pointed at them. But hey, their mom(s) put them up to it, so what else could they do but smile? ::::sigh::::: Good luck with your future, kids. With parents like that in charge of raising you, you're going to need all of the luck you can get.

Look, I have major problems with the choices that Nadya Suleman has made Those sunglasses are called Marge by Jimmy Choo and they're $210. Nice.and seemingly continues to make. I have serious questions about her mental stability and the degree to which she is in touch with reality. That being said, I have no problems with protests of any sort, but only as long as: a) You're protesting against the correct antagonist, b) Your signs make sense (and preferably spell out the damn words), and c) You don't send your freaking children out to do it for you, you incompetent, self-serving, poor excuse for a parent that you are who exploited your own children for a purpose that doesn't matter because there's no justification for this!

Here's the thing: I'm sick of this woman. I am. She has perpetuated a mess of unimaginable proportions. (And it ranks right up there with AIG on my angry scale as to how ticked off I am. And I've been dealing with my anger toward AIG by dipping torch rags in oil once a day and waiting for the call to come that tells me the mob is beginning to assemble in the town square. Just to give you an idea of where that anger ranks on my scale.) But continuing to vent my anger toward Nadya Suleman is pointless. Being mad at her and her choices is likely pointless as well, but I'm still mad and that isn't changing. But what I think has to change is to realize that OctoMom couldn't have done this by herself. The "system" is flawed in so many, many ways and in this case, the "system" was her accomplice because (as far as we know), she legally took advantage of that system which enabled her to get to where she's at today. And it sucks, it's unfair, it's wrong beyond wrong and it's a whole lot of other things as well. But as far as we know, it's also legal. Therefore, while still harboring resentment and anger toward her, I'm redirecting the venting of my outrage toward the system.

When someone who doesn't have a job, isn't married, lives with their parents, and receives disability checks which are then spent on expensive IVF treatments which result in the birth of 14 children in a span of 7 years under those same circumstances, something in the "system" is broken, if not the entire system itself. That's why the system needs to change. Now. Because if it doesn't, this will happen again. And if we think we're angry now, how angry are we going to be if this happens again? Let's just say that pitchfork and torch salesmen would make a fortune.

But before anything can be changed, we need to know what's wrong FIRST. We might have an idea as to what's wrong and how this crap happens, but guessing in this instance really isn't the best approach. And while auditing the entire system in order to figure out where things are flawed will be expensive, it will pale in comparison to how expensive it's going to be if something isn't changed and if something isn't fixed. Soon.

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Alice Amplified said...

Me likey this. Likey Likey Likey. You know why, dontcha? Howevahhhhh, I was distincly told that Jimmy Hendrix on a cactus would be todays post.

I guess U changed UR mind?


Mare said...

I'm glad you likey-cubed. (I think I do know why.) Thank you very much. I take that as a HUGE compliment from you on this subject.

Photoshop was not cooperating with the cacti. But as you were distinctly told (and will thus distinctly remember) there will be a post involving cacti and a one Freddy Fender shortly, as I'm now questioning their comedic value.