Monday, March 2, 2009

Signs of Weakness

Given the current weather conditions here, I could very well end up in Oz before the day is over. The wind is ridiculous. And the rain? My God, the rain! But all the outdoor wetness means that I was stuck inside for the majority of the day and really, one can only play just so much Guitar Hero before they get irritated that some little 14-year old boy has bumped them down to 17th place in the score standings. That's when something else needs to be done. Like figuring out how to put slideshows in one's blog post. Ta-da!

The slideshow feature isn't perfect. Actually, from what I can tell, nothing other than search (and search alone) that Google does is perfect. In fact, Google makes a lot of other things really difficult. The damn slideshow feature is one of them. You might have to advance the slides yourself if they're going too fast. I've tried to set it so that it goes slower and I know that I've un-checked that little box that says "Autoplay", but it must be the box's first day because it doesn't always get it and still wants to play with itself automatically. Wait. That's not right. Oh, well, you know what I mean.

Today it's Signs From Around the Globe! Signs with messages that range from 'Not enough information' to 'Too much information' to 'WTF?' And all in a hopefully convenient slideshow format. Behold!

There, that wasn't too bad, was it? (If it sucked, be nice about it. Let me know, but be nice about it. I'm promoting civility as a way to try to not get yelled at. It seems to work, but the downside of that is that I can't yell either and that's really quite a shame on some occasions.)

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La Belle Canadienne said...

"but it must be the box's first day because it doesn't always get it and still wants to play with itself automatically"...hehehehe...

that was funnier than the signs...yeah it goes 2 fast..and I'm a fast reader...and yeah i did have 2 click the backwards button...sigh...but i'm impressed...guitar hero...never played it...they featured it the flick my best friend's girl though...

fyi ur a lot funnier when u r not being civil...:)

Mare said...

Yeah, stupid box. Always playing with itself and not leaving well enough alone. :::sigh::: Will it ever learn?

Guitar Hero...a must play for all. It's a wonderfully addicting time waster that I am shamefully attached to. Yet it brings such joy that I cannot bear to tear myself away from it.

And thanks! Yes, my civility is often in short supply, which seems to bode well on most occasions!