Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Unavoidable Financial (part) Deux-m

This is really just the second part of the previous post. It was too damn long, but I couldn't find any part of my ranting that was not relevant to the topic. However, having it so long that folks lose interest halfway through and never make it to the rest of my rant? That I found to be relevant. (Though I'm not so sure I should be telling you this at the beginning of this post. Then again, I really don't want to mimic the behavior of the US Treasury, which is why I'm being up front about it now.) Read on, taken-advantage-of-and-screwed-over-so-many-times-you-can't-walk-straight taxpayers, Read on!

Hey, Obama administration! Did you not look at the AIG folks contracts at some point before you agreed to give them all of our money? Lawyers? Do you have lawyers that could have advised you on how to handle this? Hey. Wait a minute. Did you know that they were going to get their bonuses all along and you're just now letting the public (whose money it is that you're giving them) in on it?? If you knew this was going to happen all along and you waited until the day before the bonuses were to go out (that's right. They go out today. Sunday, March 15.) to let the public know that those losers are getting bonuses, I'd really like you hear your justification for that. Then I'd like you hung upside down in the town square. Not for long. Just until pitchforks and torches are handed out to the villagers and the mob assembles. After that happens, you won't be up there for long. The mob will take you right down, I'm sure of it.

I am done, over, having money just thrown around and given out hand over fist FIRST. Giving out the money should be LAST on the list of things that need to be done in situations like these. There needs to be a clear picture as to what in the hell happened. There needs to be a massive and invasive audit into every single dime that has gone through AIG. Anyone and everyone in management needs to be shown the door. Then there needs to be a plan for the future. After all, if the US government has an 85% stake in AIG (which they do), why is AIG still running the show? And why are they still running the show the exact same way that they've been running it, right up until the point where they were going to collapse and take the entire US economy down with it? Why is AIG still one company. If it's too big to fail, then break it up! Break it up into smaller subsidiaries or franchises or whatever, just don't leave it as one big company! And for God sakes, don't give out any more money until you can hold them accountable and until there's a freaking PLAN for recovery! What is wrong with those folks?

I am seething over this. Not so much because of the money, but because of the incompetence. This is nothing more than incompetence. OK, greed might have something to do with it as well, but there is definitely a large amount of incompetence over there. And the Obama administration seems to be under the impression that a strongly worded memo is going to get folks to straighten up. The Obama administration seems to be under the impression that "or else" is a very useful tool when dealing with an economic crisis. It's NOT!

And am I really, really supposed to rest assured that the Recovery Bill money is going to be accounted for appropriately? Really? Because I'm not. I have no confidence at all that the oversights that are supposed to be making sure that the money is being used appropriately are going to do any good. None. The memo that Camp Obama sent out with the guidelines for the "Accountability and Transparency" that the recovery funds are supposed to meet clearly states on Page 19, Section 2.12 "The initiative is designed to create one portal where the public can find and analyze information and report potential fraud, waste and abuse pertaining to the Recovery Act." It then states: "Each agency should, however, dedicate a section of its primary website to Recovery Act activities within one week of issuance of this guidance." The memo was issued February 18. One week after that would have been February 25. Today is March 15. 35 states have their recovery site up and available. 15 do not. ::::gasp!!:::: But there was a strongly worded memo!! Now what? Nothing, apparently. Nothing.

I'm going to go watch some models duke it out with each other. I should have done that in the first place.

We voted for "change" back in November. Hoo boy, this is "change" all right. Can we "change" back to how it was before? You know, like we do with Daylight Savings Time? We'll just call it Retirement Savings Time and during those months, the government can't take any more of our money! I like it. Who do I talk to?

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La Belle Canadienne said...

This mess was created during the bush-cheney days. U remember those 2 crooks and their cronies that invaded foreign countries, destroyed their infrastructure, killed thousands of innocent women and children and stole oil and got into wars with druglords all in the name of "National Security" and imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Also please remember that while you live in a democracy, the USA is still no better than a 3rd world country, whose leaders steal from public coffers on a regular basis. Only difference is that you get to change the crooks you have every 4 yrs.

Wake up my dear. Wake up. World is comprised of greedy, dirty old menn that have the rest of us working in cubicles like rats in a maze looking for the cheese. They give you a nibble but they keep the block of cheese for themselves.
If you are lucky, the crooks give you free education and health care, but most don't get that. They just get robbed.

So while your anger is justified it isn't realistic to expect Obama or any other president to buck a system that's been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. He does this, he gets a bullet in his head which will be blamed on "white supremacists".

The sooner you realize this, the calmer you will feel. Let it go Mare. Breathe and let it go. Yoga might help. You should give it a try :).

The Austrian creep who raped and trapped his daughter--now that is someone who makes my blood boil. Not the "thieving" that is par for the course anywhere and everywhere you go on the planet.

Mare said...

Hey! Where've ya been, Belle? =) It's funny, you're the second person that has told me to "breathe" (though the first to recommend yoga! HA!) whilst tackling topics such as this. I'm going to have to look into that "breathing" thing.

It's just that I find incompetence so incredibly unappealling and totally unacceptable.

And that whole 4 yrs thing, it's too damn long for the average, uninformed voter. If the rest of this administration goes fairly smoothly, is this going to matter when elections roll around 4 yrs from now? I don't know. I guess it will depend on whether or not we're all wearing barrels and if we've stooped to eating our young, I suppose.

I want people rounded up and jailed. Or tarred and feathered. And THEN jailed. You want to see confidence injected into the economy? Start throwing some of these folks who ripped off America in jail and see what that does for confidence! It will do more than any of the stimulii that have been enacted so far combined. (Villagers love a good jailing.)

And although President Barry said he'd take the blame because he's the President, I'd like to know what that means. You can blame my cat for all I care (I don't even have a cat), but what good is that going to do? I don't know, but this is not the kind of change that is distinctly remembered as having been promised, that's for sure.

~ M