Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Worst Idea I've Heard All Day

Yeah, sure, I don't see this going horribly awry. A company called Maplin has come up with a product that is sure to find it's place in the "How Have We Existed For So Long Without This?" annals of the universe. It's legacy will either be that or it will find itself in the "What In The Hell Were They Thinking?" category. I'm voting for the latter.

Behold! A microwave oven for your car that plugs into your cigarette lighter! (I'm not kidding.)
It plugs into your cigarette lighter OR you can plug this bad boy directly into your car battery! I'm not quite sure how that would work exactly, but it is an option. I don't know. See, first there were laws against talking on your cell phone while you're driving. Then there were laws against texting while you're driving. (What?! It's not OK for me to basically be using a typewriter whilst I drive my vehicle on the highways of this fine land? Why??) Personally, I didn't think that we needed separate laws for cellular usage and texting while driving because those activities would seem to be covered under your basic "distracted driving is not OK" laws. Why they need their own separate, multi-million dollar to enact, law is beyond me. But they do.

And now there's going to be a law that says you cannot cook food in a freaking microwave oven in your car while you're driving! (Again, is that not safe?) Don't get me wrong. I'm all for people NOT operating a nuclear device to heat up a corn dog while driving their petroleum powered vehicle at 85 mph down a crowded freeway. I'm against that. I'm also against needing a law so that people don't do it, as there already ARE laws against that sort of thing. Not specifically against corn dogs I would imagine, but against distracted driving. ::::sigh:::::

Don't buy this. Ever. Don't buy it as a joke. Don't buy it as a gift. Don't. Because if men see this, men will want this. Women will be tempted, but might be able to pass on it. When men hear that it can hook directly to the car's battery?? Holy cow, that's it. They'll be running out to the garage every night to heat up dinner in the microwave that is in their car. Lordy.....

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1 comment:

grannyann said...

I drive a Toyota RAV4 (2000) and it is too small to add one more thing so I don't have to worry about fighting off the temptation to buy one. I was just telling my grandkids today that they are getting too big to all squeeze into my car. Guess they will just have to walk. LOL