Monday, December 22, 2008

Guess Who Is Against Gay Marriage?

It is only three days before Christmas! Unbelievable. Actually, what's more unbelievable than that is the fact that instead of having nothing done (like I usually do), I actually have some things done! Now that's what I call progress. (But I never would have instigated it on my own, so thanks.) Oh, if only others could be so fortunate as to experience some progress in their own lives. Ah, who am I kidding? Forget progress. I'd settle for those folks to gain some awareness or some knowledge. Heck, even just being well informed would be the best thing that could ever happen to some folks.

Barry, er, President Elect Obama has selected Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural invocation at Obama's swearing-in ceremony. Rick Warren founded the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA in 1980. It's what some (not me) call a Megachurch because it's huge. Really, the only words that 'mega' should proceed are "-opolis" (which isn't really a word, but for this purpose, it counts) and "millions". But I suppose that when you're the founder of something, you can call it whatever you want to and then just pretend that others don't mock you for it. Some folks are unhappy (translation: way pissed) at the Rick Warren invite. Now, who do you think those people would be? Who has been throwing a fit ever since the beginning of November? You know, after a certain Proposition on the ballot in California passed? That's right, the gays.

Gays haven't been all that happy with Rick Warren when, according to the associated folks over there at the AP, "....he publicly supported California's Proposition 8, which amended the state Constitution to ban gay marriage." All of that even though "Warren has said that he has nothing personally against gays, he has condemned same-sex marriage." And that's one of my huge issues that I have with those who think that everyone who is against same-sex marriage is someone who hates those who are gay. That's not it. Someone can be against same-sex marriage and have nothing against those who are gay. Yeah, but try telling that to those who are all up in arms right now.

But here's the thing: Here's the one thing that almost everyone, I mean almost everyone seems to have either missed or forgotten or didn't hear or something because it is never and I mean never brought up. Barack Obama, known lovingly by me as Barry, is against gay marriage. (Wait for!) WHAT?!?!

Correct. Barry, er, President Elect Obama is against gay marriage. Obama believes that a "marriage" should be between a man and a woman. That being said, Obama is also all for those who are gay having the same rights as those who are not gay. I interpret that to mean that he would support giving all of the benefits that a traditional marriage receives to couples who have entered into a legal civil union or domestic partnership (depending upon their state). So, he's in favor of allowing same-sex couples to enter into a legal commitment with each other, just as long as it isn't called a "marriage". Once that commitment is legally enacted, then the same-sex couple would have everything that the traditionally married couples have, except for the word "marriage".

Do you get that, all of you boneheads out there who think that Rick Warren is a hate mongering bigot? Obama is against same-sex marriage! (For the record, so is Joe Biden. So is Hillary Clinton. So is Grandpa McCain and that Alaska woman. All of them! All against gay marriage!) One more time: Obama is against same-sex marriage! How, how, how for the love of Bert and Ernie (Yep, stole that from ya too!) have you people missed that this entire time?! (And for the record, they deny it, but I'm pretty sure Bert and Ernie would have been in favor of gay marriage...if you know what I mean.) I mean, I know Barry is a good speaker and all, but was he so good that he was able to say that, out loud, and not have you realize that he was saying that he was against gay marriage? He must be, because he did!

I suppose I shouldn't just get on the backs of the gays (Dear God, NO pun intended there!) with this issue. Every time I have heard or read about it being reported in the media, do you think the reporting media brings it up? NO! Of course not! Why is that? Because modern journalism is craptastic, that is correct. You'd think at least ONE media outlet would bring it up. Come on, now even the guys at FOXNews??!! You're slacking over there!

So, once again, the focus is directed at the wrong target and it's misguided focus to begin with, rendering the whole debacle absolutely freaking useless and baseless. The gays are anti-Rick Warren, but they're still pro-Obama? How does that work? Shouldn't you not give a fat rat's ass about Rick Warren and be anti-Barry? After all, Barry is the one in charge. It wasn't like it was Rick Warren's decision to get up there and invoke some inaugural inauguration. (Oh, did that come across as my having no idea exactly what Rick Warren will be doing? Yeah, that's probably because I don't. I don't have a clue. Not one. I've got nothin'.) It was Barry's choice. Why aren't there a bunch of Boycott Barry rallies? :::::sigh::::: Because they don't know. Because they're misinformed. Because they're misguided. All the more wisdom to hope for a Christmas miracle so that these people will see the light!

I just don't understand how no one mentions this or, more importantly, seems to know this. Barry's said it multiple times and he's said it very clearly - he is against same-sex marriage. Did you people who are shocked and stupified at his choice of Rick Warren not get that part? Did you miss it? Were you sleeping in on ALL of the days that he said it? Did you bump your head right after he said it and it just fell right on out of your head? How does someone miss that? How?! (It's actually a little frightening if you think about it. What if Barry made it as far as he has based solely on an excellent public speaking ability and charisma? That would mean that an entire nation is completely capable, regardless as to what they'd like to believe, of being swayed in one direction by someone who is nothing more than a charismatic individual who is "liked" by the masses. We're doomed.)

That is why, during this, the most holiest of all seasons, I am going to pray for knowledge for those poor, softheaded, moronic, boneheaded twits out there who just don't get it. I'm going to hope like hell that they wake up one day and understand that you can like someone who doesn't agree with your every belief. I hope that they can understand that "hate" isn't the reasoning behind people's beliefs in their traditions. I hope like hell they can understand that Barry is a good guy (he's not a Muslim!), but he's not going to be their Messiah. But most of all I hope that these folks will understand and accept that people don't have to agree with you to be on your side. And if you think that they do have to agree in order to fully support you, then I hope even more that you don't continue to do asinine things that will alienate those who really are your allies, whether you can see that or not. All of that I hope for during this, the most holiest time of the year.

Join me, won't you?

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