Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For That Special Atheist On Your List

What to get for that atheist on your list this Christmas? Or what about your goth niece? Or your gay friend? (Oh, come on! We all know he's gay! Some of us even wish his sister was too!) It's a head scratcher, that's for sure. But scratch no more! A one Andrew Shaffer, who is the owner of Order of St. Nick, has come up with various greeting card lines that offer something for everyone!

See, Andrew says that, "Nearly 15% of Americans identify themselves as ‘non-religious,' but surveys have consistently shown that 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas. Order of St. Nick seeks to bridge the gap between belief and observation. " Excellent. See, this is what has been needed for a while now. Instead of being like the yahoos out there who claim to be "offended" by the holiday (how in the world anyone can get offended over a day when it's a gift extravaganza is beyond me. Irritated? Sure. Frustrated? Oh, yeah. Annoyed at not being competent enough to pick out your own gifts? Every time. But offended? Nah.) and therefore have to wage their War Against Christmas, this guy decided to attempt to include them. It's like he said, "Dude, don't get your shorts all in a wad there. You can play too!" Only he decided to say it with cool greeting cards so that he could make a buck or two in the meantime.

He also said that, "Christmas is a national holiday in the United States. Everyone, regardless of religious beliefs, should be able to celebrate with family and friends at this time of year." That's right. Even you boneheads who just like to whine that you're offended when you're not really as offended as you are just whiny. He even throws in a little cautionary suggestion by saying, "We've tried to keep things light-hearted. It's not our intent to offend anyone (It's not usually anyone's intent. But again, some of the fake-offended just like to whine, so I wish him luck.). At the same time, we don't recommend sending atheist Christmas cards to your church-going grandparents unless you want to be demoted to the ‘kiddie-table' for Christmas day dinner." Good to know. Note to self....

Andrew has created humorous gems such as:
  • The Atheist Snowman Card

  • The Natural Selection / Darwin Card

  • The Skeptic Monkey Card

  • The Gothic / Severed Head Card
  • The Goth Girl Anti-Christmas Card

  • The Gay Apparel Card

  • ...And many more!!
    A little something for everyone during this holiday season amidst troubled, troubled economic times.

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Alice Amplified said...


I gotta have those anti-chistmas cards! Like, Merry Christmas, I guess.

PERFECT! Just what my public will expect from my sorry ass.

Must goole and find.....must google and find....

Mare said...

You can click on the link I handily provided in the post which will take you to Order of St. Nick's where you can find just the right card to say, like, Merry Christmas, I guess, to your entire public!

I need a public. I'd really like a republic, though.