Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now That's A Position

I realize I don't need to cite any more examples of how the media in general (but especially online) is going straight to hell as far as their ability to write a coherent summary of whatever topic that they're attempting to report on. But I'm going to anyway.

Today's example is brought to you by those over there at Yahoo! News as they attempt to write a headline that will be able to accurately describe what their article is about. Sadly, their attempts failed. Even more sad is the fact that I highly doubt that they realize this. Still. Behold!

McCain, Obama avoid same-sex marriage

Well, that's good. Both Cindy and Michelle can sleep tonight knowing that McCain and Obama won't be curled up next to each other instead of being curled up next to their wives. Seriously, headline writing 22-year old news intern guy, do you not think that sounds a little strange? Like you've just announced that John McCain and Barack Obama will not, I repeat, will not be getting married to each other? Because if you didn't think that before, I certainly hope you're thinking about it now. Because it does. It SO does.

Oh, but the absolute best quote from this article comes from a one Tom Minnery, who is the senior vice president of the ridiculously conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. He says, "We wish it were a top issue -- it seems not to be."

The best part of that is that I'm sure that guy has no idea just how amusing it sounds, when talking about gay marriage, to say that he wishes it were "a top issue". Hil-arious.

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