Saturday, September 27, 2008


And just a brief follow up here on the now completed birthday festivities of a friend of mine.

It seemed to go well. I had put a fair amount of thought into some things and she seemed genuinely happy. I like it when she's like that. (Happy, that is. Not getting older. I mean, I don't care that she gets older, but that's not what I meant. You know what I mean!) It's pretty amazing to me sometimes how some people can have just a ton of crap to have to deal with and manage on a seemingly never ending basis, and yet they do it quite well. Some (like the some whose birthday was yesterday) just blow me away with how well-adjusted, good natured and not crazy they are. (Those are probably just a few reasons why she's been pretty good for me. And they're definitely a few reasons why it's been so cool.)

And my goal was twofold. One fold was to just be able to take care of something so that she wouldn't have to and that it would be a fair amount of time before she would have to take care of it again. And the second fold was just to see her so incredibly happy (there was jumping and clapping involved), not to mention extremely surprised. She was SO happy, it was the coolest thing to watch. It was pretty nifty to leave there just knowing that she totally dug it and that, just like I'd said, she had a good birthday. 'Cause that's what mattered most.

Happy birthday. Dude.

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Anonymous said...

This chick rocks at birthdays.... you hear that all you europeans??? She kicks ASS. Or Bum. She kicks BUM.


Mare said...

Hey, thanks. I'm huge in Europe, you know. HUGE. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

OK- Little Miss Chickie Monkey…..
You are absolutely correct. (My coined name) She is a fantastic 'gift giver', birthday or not!! She has been taking care of me since I met her - with words, for the most part (friends love you with words). Mare is the most brilliant, conversation tantalizer (for lack or a better word - provoking is too negative! She is tantalizing.) She is my best friend and an amazing friend. You are lucky to know her and I am almost jealous. Yet, I am so freakin' happy that she knows you. Chickie Monkey: My kids still talk about her often. They were 5 & 3 when they met her. They don't remember fond memories of Mom, just Mare: Octopus & Mac, homemade piƱata, etc. & plus much more. Mare saved me from my own demise & I love her. You are lucky. My kids love you MARE. Keep writing. Keep making us laugh! Keep making us think! DAMN - KEEP KEEP MAKING US LAUGH AT AT WHAT WE THINK ABOUT! Love you!

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