Friday, April 24, 2009

Similarly Messaged Mugshots

I'm a fan of a message T-shirt. I enjoy a good message T-shirt. What I really like is a good message T-shirt in a mugshot. Those are classic...and telling! Prophetic in some instances. But almost always amusing. What I've noticed about the message T's that show up in mugshots is that a lot of them are very similar. Two criminals, er....alleged criminals who don't even know each other and they're wearing the same shirt as the other one is wearing or they're wearing a shirt with a message that is very similar to another alleged criminal's shirt.

And it's not just one or two. It's more than that. It's enough to make you start to wonder what it would take to set up a kiosk in the prison exercise yard and sell them to convicts, er....(No, wait. If they're in prison, they actually are convicted. Thus, they are by the very definition of the word, definitely convicts. Carry on.) I'd have to think that there's some sort of permit involved. Not to mention some training, probably a fee or two, not to mention the constant threat (or opportunity. To each their own) of a little prisoner on prisoner lovin'. Ew. Never mind. Perhaps mail order would be the way to go!

Whichever direction you decide to take it won't matter because future arrestees need shirts! They need messaged shirts! Shirts with a message! You wouldn't even need a huge inventory, as they're not very original or creative. Behold!

Yep. And you three aren't just the kid I was warned about, you three also look exactly like what my parents told me to look out for. Seemingly harmless, yet with no regard for the laws of society, fairly simple minded, somewhat of a follower and a snappy dresser.

Considering the two below are clearly under arrest, they didn't seem to heed the warnings and/or suggestions of their shirts there. That's unfortunate. It could have helped as it seems like there's a list. I wonder how many of them they actually said to said cop right before said arrest. Or would it be quicker to figure out how many they didn't say? Hmmm. Yeah, probably the second one.

Here we have one who knows she's drunk and one who insists he cannot be drunk. Both of them could probably learn something from one another. Get them both on the same page with either being drunk or not being drunk and you've got yourself the makings of a beautiful, allegedly felonious friendship there. Aim high.

Opposites attract?

These women are each proclaiming their Irish heritage. They're practically sisters!

These two are in total agreement with each other. He blames her, she takes the blame. Judging from her expression, she seems a little flabbergasted by the result

More opposites, more attracting.

Why keep all of your important numbers in your cell phone? They're just going to take that away from you when you get arrested. But these two found a way around that! They just keep the really important numbers on their shirts. How convenient!

Yep, lots of similar message T-shirts amongst the mugshotted individuals. Just expect that if you're ever thinking of running afoul of the law. And speaking of "The Law", there's a picture of it below. Steer clear of that and you'll be home free!

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grannyann said...

I too like to read funny t shirts. That last guy I have seen before in different photos.