Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mugshot Roundup Goodness

Holy cow, some of the folks that got arrested this week in various locations across the country are just what you'd expect. And more! They're funny too! Thanks to the smokey folks over there at The Smoking Gun, we have a vast array of criminals from both ends of the spectrum (a phrase that some of them might become more familiar with when they're in prison).

Our first mugshot is a trio of folks who don't have anything to do with each other, although they do share the same remarkable taste in clothing. Behold! Those who your mother warned you about!

Huh. That's exactly what she said they'd look like, too.

Below is a guy who doesn't quite understand the concept of hair "highlights". Dude, it's highlights. Lights! Plural! Not just one big highlight!

There's always one of these guys. You know the ones. The facially tattooed criminal. Behold!

Can the folks who are want to tattoo their face not think of anything other than ridiculousness to write on their face forever? OH, right. They're writing on their face forever. That, in and of itself is ridiculousness. Never mind. Carry on.

Aw, how cute. Papa Bear fell asleep.

You and I both know that it's a wonder that we don't see more mugshots like the one below. Behold!

I can't decide if he's trying to whistle or if he's just trying to get the attention of the chick in the photo above this one.

Well, he's a happy little clam down there, isn't he? What's with the lipstick kiss tattoo there, guy? Don't know why you're smiling so much. It's not real. You weren't really kissed there.

Ever wonder what Ponch from CHiPs would look like if he were a crackhead? Now you'll know. Behold!

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grannyann said...

Oh gosh these are the most gross people I have seen in years. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!!!! I will probably have nightmares.

Mare said...

Then you definitely don't want to know that these folks are only a small fraction of the vermin that are arrested on a daily basis.

If you think that those guys were nightmare material, you should check out this website:

It contains all of the mugshots of everyone arrested within a 24 hr. period down in Tampa. There's usually a couple hundred of them. And it's never pretty.