Friday, April 10, 2009

The DUI Trifecta is Complete

It's Thursday. Whew! What a week. But if you think you've had a busy week, well, think again. There's a woman in Ohio who has had one hell of a busy week. Think of how exhausted you'd be if you were arrested three times in six days for DUI. Wait. What?

Meet Tammy Webb. She looks about like you'd expect someone to look after they've been arrested that many times in less than a week. Behold!

Yep, that's about right. OK, so according to The Columbus Dispatch, Ms. Webb is not suspected of being drunk, but rather under the influence of drugs since "All of her blood-alcohol tests showed no alcohol in her system." OK then, that seems about right too. So how is it that someone can get arrested for DUI three times in six days? Hard to say. The Columbus Dispatch doesn't really go into a lot of detail about the first two arrests. Only that they began appropriately (and, sadly, ironically) on April 1 when she was arrested "...on a county road and was cited again the next day by Marysville police."

The third time was when she was finally put in jail with a $150,000 set. Her undoing came when she stopped at a fire station to ask for directions and there happened to be a reserve deputy sheriff there who thought that "she looked disoriented." (Well, of course she looked disoriented. She stopped to ask for directions. Geez.) That's when the reserve deputy sheriff "...called deputies, who stopped the woman and again charged her."

Now wait a minute. The reserve deputy had to call other deputies to take care of her? Was he busy or something? Why couldn't he do it? First day? I don't get it.

So she "...was hustled into Marysville Municipal Court with hopes of keeping her off the road." And I have to ask, what did they do with her the other two times that she was arrested? Is it typical practice over there to just cite someone for DUI and let them go on their way? There's no arrest? There's no bail? I don't get it, but it didn't seem to be very effective with our heroine here. Fortunately the judge, a one Michael Grigsby, thought that a good idea would be to "...suspend her driver's license and set her bond at $150,000." I'm guessing the suspending of the license was a mere formality in this instance, as not only will the $150k bond keep her in jail for a while, having or not having a license is rarely a determining factor in whether or not an intoxicated individual is actually going to drive. I appreciate the suspension, don't get me wrong, but it's all of the keeping in jail that is going to be the most effective in all of the keeping her off of the road.

According to the prosecutor, a one Victoria Stone-Moledor, who was handling Ms. Webb's case when she appeared in court on Monday, "She was confused. She did not look well." Well, I don't imagine that she would have been fresh a daisy! Three times! Six days! I expect them to look "not well"! So she's still in jail waiting for court dates. I don't know what she was appearing in court for on Monday if she still doesn't have a court date, but apparently, they do things in Ohio differently than I would imagine they do. Go figure.

It will likely come as no surprise that Ms. Stone-Moledor also indicated that "...Webb has an extensive criminal history, mostly involving prior felony convictions." No! I did not see that coming. Oh, wait a minute. Yes I did. ::::sigh:::: Ms. Stone-Moledor also described her file as being “voluminous” (which didn't sound so bad to me at first, but then I realized I was thinking of "voluptuous", which also means 'large', but in a totally different way than 'voluminous' does) and "...has not had time to read the whole thing yet" Take your time. She's not going anywhere. .

The spokesman for the Union County sheriff's office, a one Sgt. Chris Skinner said "...local officers don't recall ever arresting one person so often in such a short time." GOOD!! I'm glad that they don't! I'd hate to hear them say, "Oh, yeah, this is nothin'! We've got Drunk Daily Danny who we pick up, like clockwork, every day Thursday through Sunday!"

A similar recollection was voice by a one Sgt. Karla Taulbee, a State Highway Patrol spokeswoman. She said " is rare for a person to be arrested three times in six days on suspicion of driving under the influence." And again I say GOOD!! She also said that "Troopers from the same post have been known to arrest the same DUI suspect twice within a week, but....she never has heard of three arrests in less than a week." OK, that's just troubling. Not the troopers so much, but that there are actually people out there who can get not one, but two DUIs. That, in and of itself, I find disturbing. But in less than a week? Do you people not have jobs to go to? How do you pay for gas when you're spending it all on alcohol?

I am kind of wondering what she looked like the first two times that she was arrested, because she looks pretty hammered there in Mug Shot #3. Granted, that many DUIs in that many days will take a toll on anyone. I'm just curious as to the progression of her appearance over those 6 days is all. I'm also curious as to what kind of drugs, if any, will be found to have been in her system when the tests come back. (I find it amazing that we have the capability to test for alcohol right away, but drugs? Not so much.) Here's to hoping that they manage to take her vehicle away as well as her license. If not, then I think we can look forward to a day in the near future where this woman breaks her own record for the amount of times one can get arrested in less than a week.

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I'm With Stupid said...

"Now wait a minute. The reserve deputy had to call other deputies to take care of her? Was he busy or something? Why couldn't he do it? First day? I don't get it. "

I would guess that the reserve deputy was on duty at the fire station and he couldn't leave to run Flyin' High Tammy Webb to the pokey.

Ms. Webb's story is sad, in a funny sort of way (or is it funny, in a sad sort of way?). Maybe they can get her into rehab or, at the least, keep her off the roads, so that she doesn't kill someone.

You've gotta wonder, though, why wasn't she in jail after her second violation in two days? Is there a "the third time is the charm" rule in Ohio with DUIs?

grannyann said...

See thats the stupid system. When someone is stopped for DUI, they should go to jail, no bond and stay there for at least a year. How many times do we hear about someone killing someone driving drunk and "oh" he was stopped 5 times before but some soft hearted judge let him out.

Mare said...

I think it's both. Funny in a sad way and sad in a funny way. I'm just glad she's off the streets because who knows what the fourth one would have wrought.

I looked around for why she wasn't in jail for her 2nd violation and I came up with this explanation: "The same loophole has determined each of her OVI arrests to be first-degree misdemeanors instead of felonies, because none of the arrests has had time to lead to a conviction."

So I guess it's a really a matter of innocent until proven guilty over there in Ohio. Who knew?

GrannyAnn, I am amazed at how lenient some of the DUI procedures are in various states. Some states have much more severe immediate penalties. And we hear all too often of someone who has had multiple DUIs and then kills someone. And that just seems inexcusable considering that there is a lot more we can do to keep habitual offenders off the road.