Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, I realized that yesterday (I'm slow, big deal) was the day that one year ago I started this thing. Now, granted, it didn't become an every, single, freaking day thing until January 1, 2008, but it had to start somewhere. And after it did start, here it is, a year later, and it's still here. And that's amazing to me. I mean, I wouldn't say I'm flaky, but I am a little ADHD, so sometimes things get a little lost or put off. But not this thing. No, I decided (or it was decided for me) that if I didn't find some other outlet (other than my friends) for which to spew and spout my varied opinions on everything, I was going to end up bitter and alone. Of course I didn't realize that until it actually happened and that's when the blog idea sounded just swell!

So it all worked out. I'm way glad that it was suggested to me that this would be a much more effective way of pointing out the overlooked minutiae of everyday life as it is portrayed in the news media. (I didn't want to be bitter and alone.) More effective in that my friends didn't have to listen to me all the time or get text messages in the middle of the day that would be something to the effect of "Did you know that an opossum has 13 nipples? Is that bad luck for the opossum? I'd think it was bad luck if I had 13 nipples, but I'm not an opossum. What do you think?" I didn't get a lot of return texts, now that I think about it.

Anyway, for all eight of you who read this, thanks a lot. Thanks to my buddy in Salt Lake who strongly suggested (translation: threatened with force) that I do this. Thanks to those up in Canada, America's Hat, who read this frequently. And thanks to the guy in Germany who read every single post in like 2 days and keeps reading almost daily. (I'm HUGE in Europe!) Thanks to those who read this every day in the beginning and were extremely complimentary. (That really helped me out a lot. A LOT.) Thanks to anyone and everyone who has ever linked to my blog from their blog/website/email/forum. Thanks to those my friends who don't read it all that often but pretend like they do (but will always read it if I am feeling particularly self important and send them a link to a particular post).

And thank you to that Wonder Woman-esque Santa Cruz chica that I absolutely adore. You read, you listen, you point things out, you comment, could there be anything else? (Aside from being extremely nice and, yes, very polite.) This is one of those bars that gets raised (which is so much better than a bar getting razed, because then where would I drink?) because I know you're checking it out. Thanks for all that. And all of that other stuff too.

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Remi said...

Since I've been reading this blog passionately for almost half a year and I even got mentioned now, I think it's time for my first comment.

First of all, congratulations for the first year, I hope there are many more to come.

I've really got to thank you for writing this blog. It's always so entertaining and I'm a big fan of your writing style.

So, please keep on writing and stay how you are.

Best regards,
your probably biggest fan in Germany

Canada ~ America's Hat said...

Good 4 U...u stuck it out...I began a blog last year and it's been about a year...and I just let it slide...

Mine was nowhere near as entertaining as yours and while I have been busy having a career crisis of late...I thought of where I could find a laugh and clicked on u 2night...u entertain and there r more than 8 that read u as i often copy and paste some of ur posts and send them 2 a good 20 odd other folks that i think may enjoy ur unique brand of humour (Cdn. spelling).

Felicitations...from America's not America's underwear...;-)

Mare said...

You are absolutely my biggest fan in Germany! Thanks for reading. It's very flattering and I appreciate it greatly. I can't imagine changing much about how I go about this now, so no worries there. I'll keep writing, you can keep reading, and it's all good. Thank you again for your compliments. That's awesome.

Mare said...

America's Hat,
Right on! (I LOVE it when it's called that!) Thank you for the kind words. Trust me when I say that no one is more surprised than ME that, one year later, I'm still doing this daily. Now I can't imagine not doing it. Go figure. Sorry to hear about your career crisis, but glad that I could provide you with some form of amusement in the midst of all of that! And more than 8 of you? Wow. I think I started with 4, so 8 was sounding pretty good, but 20? Excellent.
Thanks again for the compliments. I very much appreciate them.