Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stop Snogging The Students

Now granted, all of those female teachers (in Florida, mostly) who have been busted for having sex with their male students (and not just for extra credit, either!) were totally in the wrong. I, for one, can think of NO reason for an adult woman to sleep with a teenage boy. I mean, have you been around many "men" lately? For the most part, they all ACT like teenage boys. If that's what you're into, no need to go about it literally and nail that paperboy in the third row, ladies. Just go to a bar and pick up some dude. Trust me, it'll be the same! The only difference (if you're lucky) is that you won't have to drive him home when you're done.

But I am from a different school of thought than those that make up the NASUWT over there in the slowly, but surely, getting wackier by the minute UK. NASUWT, which forms an acronym that is difficult, if not impossible to pronounce as a word, (which is the main point of the acronym. It's not just to shorten, it's to inject a little bit of fun into the doldrums of everyday speech.) stands for National Union of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers. I suppose they didn't go with just the National Union of Teachers/Schoolmasters because then the acronym would be NUTS. And while not exactly the most complimentary acronym for the group, believe me, it's pretty accurate.
According to some folks who I am assuming are British and over there across the pond at News of the World, "The NASUWT says it is UNFAIR to treat teachers who have affairs with students who are over 16 as sex offenders, insisting all they are guilty of is an “error of professional judgement." (That rumbling sound you hear is all of those female teachers in Florida rushing to pack up their belongings and hop on the next flight to the UK.) Wait. WHAT?

Oh, it gets better. "In 2001 it became illegal for teachers to have any intimate or sexual affair with any pupil in their school under 18." In two thousand freaking ONE that became illegal? I wasn't already illegal BEFORE then? You know, considering how snotty a lot of Brits are, they sure don't act all that uptight about stuff if this is any indication.

The secretary of the NASUWT, a one Chris Keates, told the Tonight show (not the one with Leno. The one in the UK with that British dude that hosts it.) that the rules and laws that forbid teachers from doing their students (though, over in the UK, because they have to have some weird ass name for everything, they call it 'snogging'. Pretty.) aren't "fair" because a student could be 18. Now, the student could also NOT be 18, but she says that since they COULD, then they can consent and it shouldn't be a problem. She elaborates on this idiocy by saying, "It does seem a step too far — when there has been a consensual relationship — to put that person on a sex offenders register when, in fact, they could have a perfectly legitimate relationship with an 18- year-old still enrolled at another school."

When there has been a consensual relationship? You show me a 14, 15, or 16 year old boy who is NOT going to consent to having sex with his female teacher. One. Just one! Look, let me save you time. You won't find one! Not one! Do you really think that a boy who is in junior high or high school is going to turn down ANY sex? The only reason they're not running around trying to hump stranger's legs is because it's not socially acceptable. They'd be 'snogging' themselves if they could. But they are certainly not turning down ANY sex especially that with their teacher. It will always be consensual. Regardless as to what they say YEARS later.

Take a one Dean Dainty for instance. (Dude. Name change.) He was a-snoggin' his drama teacher (well, that's some drama for ya right there), a one Nicola Prentice when he was 16. He even says that the relationship, which took place back in 2005, was consensual. He does not agree with the position of the NASUWT because he says that sex with the drama teacher "...took a piece of my life away really." Well, of course it did! It took away that part of your life where you weren't having any sex and replaced it with that part of your life where you were having all the sex. There's a pic of Dean below. Is it just me, or does he look like he's wearing a prison jumpsuit there? (Perhaps she also took that piece of his life that contained fashion sense as well.)

Dainty Dean also said, "It took me a long time to get myself back together" after the relationship (which started when Prentice gave him a cell phone (with only one number on it - hers!) for doing well in class. She then started sending him sexually explicit text messages. A cell phone for doing well in drama class?? What does that consist of? Showing up every day?). Again, of course it took you a while to get yourself back together. You had to get used to not having all of the sex. It's a tough adjustment to go from the sex to not the sex. Verrrrrry tough. Believe me. Oh, it gets easier, but not that easy.

And what became of Ms. Prentice. Well, she avoided jail time. The judge in the case felt that she had been punished enough, having lost her teaching position and all. The judge came to this decision after reading a note from Mr. Dainty's mother which expressed that same sentiment. Oh, man. Showing up in court with a note from Mom? That can't be good can it? It's definitely ironic or cliche or something like that. Perhaps ironic. Yeah, there's definitely some irony in that somewhere.

Look, I can't think of any situation in which I think that it would be perfectly OK for a teacher to have sex with her student (or students, depending on how ambitious she is). And there is no way that you can say that it's perfectly OK because the student MIGHT be 18. There's a higher chance that they will NOT be 18. But 18 or not, the kid is going to enjoy the hell out of it. And I'm sure they'll recover. The fact that there is a teacher's union for women that is advocating in favor of relaxing the rules banning teacher-student sex is absurd. Talk about asking for trouble.

Seriously, Ms. Keates, what is wrong with you? Why would you be for advocating what amounts to giving the green light for teachers and Oh. I see. It's like that is it? Perhaps, in the future, you might want to considering using just a wee bit more discretion regarding situations that may or may not personally pertain to you. Or to you and any student who may or may not be under 18 that you are currently snogging. Just use some discretion. And for God's sake, get off of him!

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Anonymous said...

"NASUWT, which forms an acronym that is difficult, if not impossible to pronounce as a word,"

N-A-M-B-L-A or the paramilitary wing of the Japanese schoolgirl fetish industry, whichever.

They want to limit child porn busts, no cops, no search warrant.

They need decriminalization because, well some Brit teachers victimize hundreds via proxy child pornography.

The nearest thing to the NASUWT is the Serb BSA Militia when it is girl-hunting.

The NASUWT is infamous in Britain for sex crime. Pity any child complaining about one of its members, they'll have to move, change phones etc.

They make Pa prison guards look relatively tame.

Anonymous said...

"In two thousand freaking ONE that became illegal? I wasn't already illegal BEFORE then? "

Yanks flew over, hassled and harassed, The PoCA and SOA 2003, which updates the lege you mention, Americans came to Britain to try to get Brit teachers to stop doing stuff in Thailand, Cambodia, via the net.

Brit teachers, they do far more than the teachers in the USA.

Graham Conridge victimized 261 schoolgirls as a hobby, he had already been banned from every school in Bedfordshire but was given another chance, well because the Brits are very fair.

Unless you are a kid of course.

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