Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alcohol Was NOT A Factor

And in today's "True, But Still Ironic" category, we have this bit from the Sydney Morning Herald that tells us that Josef Fritzl (the 73-year old Austrian guy who imprisoned his daughter, Elisabeth, in the cellar under his house for 24 years and repeatedly raped her through which means she ended up bearing seven of his children) has met with a court appointed psychiatrist who has determined that he was sane when he was committing what can only be described as 'the completely unthinkable'.

The sick pervert has confessed to most of the allegations. I cannot imagine which ones he did not confess or admit to. What? Out of the thousands of times that you raped your daughter, you're going to quibble over whether you actually raped her on April 15, 1993?? As soon as you pull your head out of your ass, you may commence F-ing yourself, sir.

The psychiatrist said that he was neither mentally ill nor "could he have been in a permanent state of inebriation over 24 years." You needed a court appointed psychiatrist to tell you that? People have tried that. I'VE tried that. It's hard enough to be in a permanent state of inebriation for 24 hours, let alone 24 years! Yes, I'd have to agree that being inebriated did NOT contribute to him doing the most unthinkable thing I can imagine for 24 years! This is the only time when the phrase "Alcohol was NOT a factor" can be applied.

So he is sane after all. Yep. Because nothing says 'sane' like locking your 18-year old daughter in the basement and then raping her for 24 years and getting her pregnant 7 times and having her bear 7 children and continuing to keep her and the children locked up in the basement while you live your life out upstairs. Yep. Sane as can be.

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