Sunday, October 5, 2008

Admiral Ackbar, I Presume?

Well, this is either quite exciting or quite confusing. I don't know which one yet because I'm still not sure what I'm seeing. Once I figure that out, I'll know how I feel about it.

Yesterday, allegedly Kim Jong Il (that's pronounced 'ill'. I realize it looks like "Kim Jong, the second", but it's not.), the Grand Poobah of North Korea, made a public appearance and watched a soccer game. While that doesn't sound like that big of a deal, you have to consider that a) he hasn't been seen in public since mid-August, b) he is rumored to have had a stroke and been fairly incapacitated, and c) underwent brain surgery on September 10 (correct, less than a month ago). Also factor in that the North Koreans are a secretive and weaselly bunch. Big fans of the propaganda, the North Koreans. Big fans. Also big fans of lying their asses off.

So, the bouffant-ed one went to a soccer match and it was the first time he's been seen in almost two months. Do you think that there are any pictures of this grand event? Of course not. None that I've seen. Yeah, I'm not buying it. Was he watching the soccer game from the sidelines with a leprechaun on his knee while his unicorn grazed nearby? Why wouldn't they release pictures of something like that? (Haven't found just the right Photoshop guy yet, North Korea?)

So, as I'm looking for pictures of this crazy-leader-watches-game-where-you-can't-use-your-hands event, I run across this picture:

And the caption reads"A South Korean woman watches TV reporting on North Korean leader Kim Jong Il at a railway station in Seoul, South Korea, Sunday, Oct. 5, 2008." Um, wait. A South Korean WOMAN? WTF?!

THAT is a woman watching that TV? There is no way. You know who that is, don't you? I swear to you, it's this guy from the back:

Seriously, what is with that "woman's" "head"?? That is a direct descendant of Admiral Ackbar if I have ever seen one. Either that or the nuclear stuff that they're working on in North Korea isn't going so well.

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