Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The War Against Trangendered Stick Figures

From the ever expanding file of "What in the hell is wrong with you?" we shall visit Manchester University over there in the United Kingdom, where I'm hoping there is an academic department that can study why people continue to evolve into soft headed, helmet needed, societal veal calves. And do you want to know who they can start with to figure out why this phenomenon is so prominent these days? Of course you do.

They can start with people like Manchester University’s women's officer Jennie Killip. (Women's officer. That sounds so militant. And yet, it's so not.) According to the blokes over there at The Mail Online, "Anyone caught short at Manchester University will have to decide whether to use the 'toilets' or the 'toilets with urinals' after the women's and men's were re-named to avoided offending transgender students." Oh, sweet mother of God, make it stop. Make. It. Stop. WTF?!?

Apparently, "a number" (It doesn't say what number. Could be two. Could be three hundred. But usually when you're given the amount of "a number", that number is most likely one or zero. And that means that it has nothing to do with the "number" of complaints or problems, but rather the personal agenda of those who are keeping "the number" a big, fat secret.) of women who considered themselves to be transgender said that they were "uncomfortable using men's loos." To which I say, "Then use the women's loos. After all, you're a woman." To which Manchester University said, "Oh, I see. Well, then, we'll just put a sign that says "Toilets With Urinals" on top of the stick figure drawing on the door of the loo that represents a man. And then we'll put a sign that says "Toilets" on top of the stick figure drawing on the door of the loo that represents a woman." Wait. What?

Now, I know that there is a subtle difference in the way that I would have handled that situation and the way that the University chose to handle that situation and you might not have caught the difference right away, so I'm going to make sure that the differences are blatantly obvious. See, my way of dealing with it made sense and did not include pandering. The University's way of dealing with it was completely ridiculous and made NO sense whatsoever. And I can back that assertion up, too.

Jennie Killip, who seems to be the individual who has spearheaded this "politically correct/and-justice-for-all" movement, was quoted in the University's newspaper, The Student Direct, as saying, "'Toilets are very much, you know, for boys and for girls, so we’ve taken away that overtly gendered aspect." Now, until I read that, I was unaware that it was possible for one to contradict themselves in such a short period of time. Yes, they ARE very much for boys and girls. But then you take that away when you just said that's what they're for. And it's not an "overtly gendered aspect". It's a men's room and a ladies' room! And regardless as to whether you like it or not, there ARE TWO different and separate genders!

She continued with her diatribe of idiocy by saying, "A trans-student who does not identify themselves as a man would have to face abuse and violence if they used the "other" toilet." I can't possibly imagine why that would be if the individual who doesn't identify themselves as a man and is considered "transgendered" would face abuse. After all, we're assuming that, due to the "transgendered" label, they look like a woman. Thus, they shouldn't have to "face abuse" from other women. (Unless they're going to stand there and pee in the sink. THEN there'd be some abusing.) I mean, if a guy who looks like a lumberjack comes into the women's restroom, sure, people are going to have a problem with it. But that's not what transgendered is implying. There's a difference between living as a transgendered individual and looking like a lumberjack, but waking up one morning and thinking, "I feel pretty!"

And her non-sensical blatherment, spewed seemingly to perpetuate her own ideals, continued with, "'If you were born female, still present quite feminine, but define as a man you should be able to go into the men's toilets - if that's how you define." Again, NOT transgender, per se. What if I was born female (I was) and I still present quite feminine (most of the time) but define as a African gazelle? Are you going to provide me with a lounge of elimination in the motif of the Serengeti? I think not. (Why am I not surprised that this chick has green hair?)

And the asinine cherry on top of this internal agenda driven sundae came when Greenie concluded with, "You don't necessarily have had to have gender reassignment surgery, but you could just define yourself as a man, feel very masculine in yourself, feel that in fact being a woman is not who you are.'" And again, she's correct and doesn't realize it and therefore went screaming in the opposite (and wrong) direction. See, if you've had the gender reassignment surgery, you're not transgender, you're transsexual. And that would be different. Aside from that, by leaving it up to personal definition, you're not only going to get the transgendered individuals using the restroom of their choice, you're going to get the NOT transgendered individuals (ie, sickos, perverts, horny frat boys, etc.) using the restroom of THEIR choice. You know I'm right. This can't possibly end well (though hilarity MAY ensue at some point).

I would have been more in favor of, yet still mocked incessantly, if they had just made all of the restrooms, ie, loos, all for one and one for all. Then there would clearly be no discrimination toward anyone. But instead, what do they do? They put a little sign (without even using a fancy font) on the chest of the stick figure that says "Toilets With Urinals". Um, we can still SEE the stick figure! We KNOW you mean that's the men's restroom! Won't the transgendered folk STILL feel uncomfortable if they can SEE the stick figure? This isn't a war against the division of society and gender discrimination, this is a war against asexual stick figures designed to provide universal guidance in ALL languages!

It also appears to be a parade celebrating the demise of rationality, not to mention the surge of being horrified if someone thinks that they are offended for a reason that may or may not be valid. And the grandmaster of the parade seems to have had her sanity effected by all of the chemicals in her bright green hair dye (a look which, when combined with this asinine stunt, is not going to help her be taken very seriously by, oh, just about everyone). Tell me, Greenie, which restroom do YOU identify with? The one with just toilets, the one with toilets and urinals, or the one that says The Great Gazoo?

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Phil said...

For a further laugh see her interview on BBC News:

Depressing thing is in 10 years time, thanks to all women short lists, Jenny will be Labour's "Equalities" Minister and implmenting her crazy schemes.

The world gets crazier by the day. Opps sorry "Differently saner" by the day.