Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

You know, it is awesome when you have just the coolest friend. Sometimes, if you really thought about it, you might not even really know why you're friends or why you get along so well, but you just do. And it works and you really don't care why; you're just glad that it does. Other times you know exactly why you get along and why you're friends with that person. That's a lot easier when things hit a bump or a snag or some other poetic obstacle that creates strife and/or angst in between friends. (Hey, I needed the strife and the angst to go with all of the bumps and snags! I was waxing poetically.)

When something comes up (you know, that strife-y angst creator) that puts a little distance or some sort of barrier in between you and your friend for a little while, it really sucks on both sides. Suck, suck, suck. No one wants it to suck and no one likes the suckiness. And both people really only want it resolved (or better yet, just to go away) as soon as possible.

All of this applies mainly to women. Women are a ridiculously complicated creature. And each one has their own instruction manual. Guys are easier. This is an example of how a guy's brain works:

And here is an example of how a chick's brain works:

Since the differences are so subtle, I'll just mention that the female's brain is much more complicated than the male's brain. Now try navigating through TWO of those when two women are involved. Yeah, you get it.

But here's the thing: You'll eventually talk it out. More times than not, things will be alright. (That's because you're friends. That's what friends do. They work stuff out. Because stuff is going to come up. Guaranteed. Unfortunately.) Even after it's OK though, sometimes there's this little part in back of your head or on the lower left hand side of the cockpit there that maybe isn't so sure about something. You don't know what, you can't put your finger on it, so you don't even really know if there's something there, but you wonder if there is.

And right about then, mid-wonder or mid-looking for that damn switch, your buddy comes through for you. Your buddy sends you a text that has less than 10 words, but this is one time when size really isn't important. Whatever it is, and it's different for everyone, it just let's you know that they get it. And they get that you get it. They let you know that they know how you feel and the other way around. And it's not anything cheesy like the "L" word or anything like that. It could say "Yo! Butthead!" It just depends. Whatever it says, your buddy knows, that after you read it, you'll know that everything's OK. And when you respond in a brief, yet similar fashion, they'll know everything's OK, too.

That's when you kind of realize that you do know why you're friends (if sometimes you couldn't always pinpoint it before). And that's when you realize that you do know why you like them. You like them because they "get" you. And they like that you "get" them. You "get" them because they're real, they're not phony or fake, and they're honest (and very polite). (It's really easy to "get" someone when you don't have to try and figure out what you're "getting".) And they "get" you're not really sure how they do that, but they do. And man, are you glad.

The point is that they're pretty nifty. Now if there was only some way to let 'em know that......

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Alice Amplified said...

How nice is THIS? So nice. I dig your desription of a chicks brain. THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON CHICKS....

So true.

Sometimes a chick will send you the gayest of all gay text messages like HUGS, (which incidentally i never ever do..i mean HUGS?..come oooonnnnn). But it works.

My Blog is locked because Im remodeling! My blog is SAAAD, and I'm just not that sad anymore, so I locked it because I've been commenting and ranting on my dislike of Jon and Kate + 8 (Sorry Pee Pants), and I don't need the world clickity clickin and seeing my sad self.

So I plan to remodel and be funnier. Sad Alice has left the building, forever.

Peace OUT

Mare said...

That is definitely a chick's brain. Confusing and complicated. But at least it still knows that the gayest of gay text messages work when they do.

I guess some things really are easy, even for a chick's brain.

Thanks for the comment. How nice was THAT? =)