Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Move Over, Aretha's Hat. Kate's Hair is Here!

Sometime within the last three weeks, another reality star debacle was born. This time in the form of Jon and Kate Gosselin from TLC's Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Jon & Kate are the parents of twin girls and a set of sextuplets. Naturally, that sounds so fascinating to no one that TLC decided to make it into a reality series and have cameras film their every move. And 'every move' for Kate would consist of her being a harpy shrew and talking to Jon like he's a mildly retarded four year old. And if you believe the tabloids, 'every move' for Jon would include having an affair with a 23-year old school teacher, an allegation which he half heartedly denies, but does so with firm wording.

I don't know if he's cheating on her. I don't know if she's cheating on him. But I do know that when parents don't get along, it's hard on the kids. VERY hard. You can have a child with a perfectly pleasant disposition with married parents and then one day, when the wife decides she doesn't want to be married anymore and does the divorce thing, the child's pleasant disposition will vanish and it will be replaced with an oft crying small child. And that's just in the private sector. I'd have to imagine that it's even harder on kids who are in the public eye (and not by choice) to go through it.

And that whole sentiment really has nothing to do with this post, but it had to be said. What also has to be said is "What is with Kate's hair?" It's like she couldn't make up her mind what she wanted so she just chose a little of each. It's as if there was a buffet at Supercuts. A little bit of long. A little bit of short. A little bit of bangs. A little bit of spikey. Kind of Flock of Seagulls meets Pete Wentz.

I thought it was possible that it was just me thinking that the hair was...well...kinda different, but not so much in a great way. So I thought I'd see how the hair looked on some other folks. You know....just to try it out and see.

Here's Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair with Kate's hair.

One massive, overpopulated family deserves another, so here's Octomom Nadya Suleman with Kate's hair.

Might as well go overseas too. Here's Susan Boyle with Kate's hair.

The yellow M&M being delicious with Kate's hair!

Brad Pitt being not as delicious with Kate's hair.

For those running in political circles, Aretha Franklin and her hat with Kate's hair!

Michelle Obama with Kate's hair meeting the Queen.

Michelle Obama with Kate's hair meeting the Queen with Kate's hair.

President Barry saving the country with Kate's hair.

Look for the same people that got their hair cut like Jennifer Aniston's during the first and second seasons of 'Friends' to be rushing out to get 'the Kate'. Soon.

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grannyann said...

Your hair deal was hilarious. I have watched the Jon and Kate + 8 show many times and enjoyed watching how the family deals with that many young children. There are a lot of people criticizing them right now about using the children. If they really watched that often they would have a different view. The family I know can use the money to help not only now financially but for the future of all those kids. Kate wasn't like Octomom!!!

Ruth@VS said...

I have no idea who these people are, but love the photos!

Mare said...

Jon & Kate Gosselin are the subject of the TLC TV show "Jon & Kate Plus 8", a reality show that films the day to day occurences of their family which consists of a set of twin girls who are 8 (I think) and a set of sextuplets who just turned 5.

Lately, Jon and Kate have been front page fodder for every tabloid out there as the realizations/accusations that Jon has cheated on Kate (who is a bit shrew-like) have surfaced. Immediately following said accusations were similar ones that Kate had cheated on Jon. It's become quite higgledy-piggledy. (Higgledy-piggledy means 'a real mess'.)

I don't doubt that Kate loves her children. I question, however, whether or not she loves herself more. If she continues down the road that she has with Jon, she is going to lose her husband and break up her family. Apparently, putting an end to production of the show is not an option for her. I fear that putting an end to her marriage is a likely result of her limiting her options.

Glad you liked the photos!

~ M

Anonymous said...

Kate's hair is down right terrible. It is the worst style I have ever seen. It looks stupid. Long in the font and way too short in the back. I wouldn't cut my hair like that if you paid me!
She looks plain ugly!!