Sunday, May 17, 2009

100-ish Days of President Barry in Pictures

All right, so we've easily had over 100 days of President Barry. And I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. The first 100 days. I kind of think it's just because the media likes round numbers that it's supposed to be a big deal. (Come on! Tell me I'm wrong! It's starting to get warmer outside. Just watch and listen as to how newscasters and news reports will be fawning over the temperature when it starts to get close to 'triple digits' and the '100 degree mark'. They love that! As if there is a major difference between it being 99 degrees outside and 100 degrees outside. There isn't. They're both pretty flippin' hot! But if they have to do it (and apparently they do because they haven't stopped yet) I would prefer that they go with the '100 degree mark' rather than the 'triple digits' mark. Because in reality, 'triple digits' could mean 100 degrees or it could mean 537 degrees, only one of which would really be news! At least when they're reporting on the '100 degree mark' we know what we're in for.)

So really, who am I to judge? Well, I'm the same person who was judging all of the other days before the 100th day and I'm the same person who is going to be judging all of the days after the 100th day, so I guess I am the person to judge! Or, at the very least, mock. But in a gentle, good natured way, of course! After all, we haven't gone to war with China or Iran, so you can kind of look at the whole administration as 'so far, so good' if put in front of you in terms like that. However, if I were to spend time summing up the first 100 days in its entirety, well, that doesn't sound like very much fun. Thus, I've chosen to sum up the first 100 days with a little slideshow of photos which were offered up by none other than the White House website itself. The same White House website had absolutely nothing to do with any of the captions on any of the photos. Those were strictly my doing. Shocking, I know!

The way I look at it is this: Going through the first 100 days this way is a lot less painful than going through it the other way...the way that President Barry had to go through it. Live and in person. Much more entertaining to go through it after the fact and accompanied by fictional, yet very amusing, quotes . (And the slideshow dealio is a Google thing. It says that it's not supposed to be set for Autoplay, but who knows? If it starts off on its own, for God's sake, stop it and advance the photos at will. If it doesn't start on its own, well then, God bless those Google boys once again.)

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