Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your Elected Officials Hard At Work

Not that this will come as any huge shock to anyone, but from what I can tell, the daily powwows of the House of Representatives and of the Senate are just a big, fat waste of time, not to mention an atmosphere that (literally) is bursting with hot air which fuels an environment of the extremely self satisfied. Stuff that's important seems to take a backseat to stuff that just feels good. (And I realize that I just mentioned how both the House and the Senate were full of those who were "self satisfied", so I just wanted to clarify that it's not that kind of self satisfaction. Just so we're clear.) And sometimes stuff that just feels good takes a back seat to incoherent babbling.

The House of Representatives spend waaayyyyy more time than is necessary to honor, recognize, congratulation and commend. Do you really feel like you've received anything all so special after you've realized that it doesn't take much to get a nod from the House? Not having been honored, recognized, congratulated or commended by the House or the Senate, I can't say for sure, but I'm thinking it would lose a little bit of any luster that it may have had to start with. I know that for me, from now on whenever I see some sort of certificate or whatever in someone's house or shop or classroom or office that says they were given the ol' thumbs up by a bunch of Representatives, I'm probably going to think, "Yeah, you and everyone else. What else ya got for me?"
Not much. Let me show you what I mean. Let's pick a random day in the House and the Senate to look at. How about April 1st? April Fool's Day seems appropriate for this little exercise. Let's see what we have....

Well, the House met at 10am and adjourned for the day at 12:30pm, so we're only getting a whopping 2 1/2 hours here, but hopefully they won't disappoint us and continue to display complete ineptness even with the shortened time frame.
On April 1st, the House:

  • Nowruz (Yes, the holiday that marks the traditional Iranian new year, that is correct.)

Paid tribute to:

  • Cesar Chavez,
  • Former Speaker Jim Wright
Had a moment of silence in remembrance of:
  • The armed forces and their families


  • 'Cover the Uninsured Week' (Like with a blanket?)

And congratulated:

  • Harry N. Mixon Elementary School,
  • A one Sheriff Bill Pribil, (who, as far as I can tell, is just a friend of Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Representative from Arizona)

  • And (wait for it) the on-premise sign industry.

Wait. What? The on-premi....huh?

Correct. The on-premise sign industry. The sign guys. The guys who make signs. Have you ever seen a sign? Was it on a premise? That's it! That's their sign!

In the Senate on the very same April Fool's Day, the Senators:

  • The University of Louisville Lady Cards,

  • The Las Vegas Convention Center's 50th Year,

  • The Kamehameha Schools--Hawaii Athletic Department
Paid tribute to:
  • Tessa Shumway (who seems to be a Red Cross coordinator in Montana)

  • Patrick J. Finneran, Jr. (who seems to be a VP at Boeing)
  • Ron Silver (the actor)


  • Enchantment Wedding Services (wedding planners in Maine, that is correct),
  • 90 years of US-Poland diplomatic relations,
  • 60 years of NATO


  • June 1, 2009, as ``Collector Car Appreciation Day''

And urged:

  • The government of Moldova to ensure a democratic election process.

They also agreed to allow the Rotunda to be used for a ceremony for commemoration of the days of remembrance of victims of the Holocaust.

Now, I'm sure you have a few questions about some of these, so I'm just going to start with the most obvious. OK, so...where the hell is Moldova?

We're so doomed. We have the Speaker of the House claiming out loud and to the media and public that the CIA regularly lied and does regularly lie to her and to members of Congress. If the CIA is lying, that's a huge problem, wouldn't you agree? You wouldn't agree if you were a member of Congress, apparently, as no one seems to give a fat rat's ass about it. You know why? Because they all think/know that Nancy Pelosi was lying when she said that! Well, if the Speaker of the House of lying, that too is a huge problem! And what are the House and the Senate doing about it? Commemorating sports teams, honoring the new year in Iran, and trying to convince folks in Moldova to vote on things! And you know what else?! I still don't know where in the hell Moldova is!

After about an extra minute of thought, I've come up with this: If I thought for one second that these Reps actually believed in whatever cause, building, holiday or person that they were praising, then it would be different. But they're just saying stuff because they think it makes them look good. There's no feeling, no substance behind what they spit out. Sometimes, they don't even know what they're talking about. Take this screed from a one Rep. Jackson-Lee of Texas. She was trying to find some way to acknowledge the Houston Rockets (yes, of the NBA), but I'm not even sure that she knew what sport they played.
"There comes a time when you need to acknowledge the hometown team and thank them for their best effort (Not really. There might be a time to do that if they win something! Coming kinda close? Not so much really.). The Rockets wanted to win. They put their heart in it. They came back in game 6. They came back in other games. They were down 20 points or more in other games. (You're not really making them sound all that great by talking about the other games that they were down 20 or more points. You do realize that, don't you?) They lost by a large amount, but they came back. (Came back for what? To turn off the lights? You don't come back from losing by "a large amount". It's over. You lost!) And boy, did they give us a game in game 6." Wait! There's more!

"So you can see the faces of the Houston Rockets. And I'm cheering them on. Congratulations for getting into this part of the NBA, getting into what they have not done before, which is the playoffs. (Um, they've been to playoffs before. Many times before!) So I am grateful for the young team that they are. Some that don't have height, we are aware of the injuries of some of our teammates (Is not having height an injury? Did they lop someone's lower legs off mid-thigh or something?), but Houston is very proud. And we celebrated our Houston Rockets because they did a darn good job. (If all it takes these days to get commended on the floor of the House is to do "a darn good job", then we have really gone over the edge. I did "a darn good job" finishing off half of a pizza last night. Where's my commendation?) It is a good lesson for young people to know in the face of adversity, to keep on keeping on (What was their choice? It was a basketball game! You have to keep playing until the game is over, adversity or not!). That is what sports is all about. And that is what the message is when we tell our children to play, play fair, have good judgment, have integrity and keep on keeping on, and some day, you will be a winner. (Not today, but maybe someday.)
Winners never quit, and quitters never win."

And politicians never do anything.

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grannyann said...

A talk show yesterday was saying they need to get rid of the 17th amendment and put the senators back under election by their states rather than popular vote. That way they will have to do something for their state people and not like now as all they think about is getting reelected and making a boat load of money. They don't do anything to deserve those large salaries. Also if they were elected by their states they may not get such huge salaries!!! I hope there is a movement to do this.