Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At Least She Wasn't A Teacher

You'd think that we'd heard just about every excuse for the having of all of the sex by the older woman with the underage boys, wouldn't you? Not only would you think that, you'd HOPE so! Because if we had heard ALL of the excuses, then perhaps this would stop happening! I doubt it, but again, it's that HOPE thing. (You hope for a lot of things. You don't get most of them, but it's the hope that keeps you from hanging yourself in the meantime.) And while I'm glad that today's story of a woman having sex with a couple of underage boys doesn't involve a teacher and a middle school, it's still hardly anything I can condone.

Today we're going to go to Anderson, CA, a small town about 150 miles north of Sacramento, for some parenting tips from a one 30-year old Deborah Lee Towe. See, Ms. Towe was just trying to be a good parent and all by trying to protect her 14-year old daughter from other teenage boys. You know how the whole teenage courtship/mating thing can go. Awkwardly at best, that is correct. But she was just looking out for her daughter and trying to protect her from advances from the horndogs that are teenage boys. Nothing wrong with that. Sounds like superb parenting. Oh, wait. Did I mention that her method involved the boys having sex with HER instead so that they would leave her daughter alone? Yeah, that's what she said. Sure! What a brilliant idea! A woman who, by the way, is married with two sons and the daughter, decides that rather than talking to her daughter about, well...anything really, but instead decides that a better course of action would be to divert the attention of said potential teenage male suitors with her own vagina!

Brilliant! Or not so much. Now, from what I can gather from the information supplied by, there are 48 pages worth of police report on this matter. 48! That's a small novel! And within said small novel it explains that how this whole thing came to light was that the vice principal of Anderson Middle School told police that "...two female students told him that the mother of one of their friends was having sex with boys." Now, I have to wonder if the daughter knew. Oh, granted, the entire school knew! You think a 15-year old boy is going to do it with a 30-year old woman and NOT tell everyone he comes in contact with? Oh, no, he is. (He probably Twittered it.) And she absolutely knows now just to what extent her mother went to in order to 'protect her'. I guess I'm just curious as to whether she told her friends or her friends told her or how that all came about. Either way though, that's just rough. Too bad that this woman couldn't have protected her daughter from her own mom. Ugh. Annnnnny way....Where was I? Oh, right. Once upon a time.... (I've really gotta get a harp.)
It would seem that one of the boys involved "struck up a friendship with Towe while visiting her home." Most likely to see her DAUGHTER! A point clearly missed by Ms. Towe, as the boy also told police that "...he had sex with her in the back seat of her car at Wal-Mart in Anderson and that they also drank alcohol." Aw, and she showed him a little romance as well, how sweet.

Drank alcohol? Like rubbing alcohol? Nah, couldn't be. Why don't they just say what it was? I'm guessing wine coolers (we're talking about some place called Anderson, California, mind you). Yep, an older woman, luring in a young lad into her Saturn with the temptation of Bartles & Jaymes and the implication of a forbidden liaison in the Wal-Mart parking lot. What teenage male would pass that up? None. And you know why? Because everything aside from the woman is irrelevant. Teenage boys need nothing more than a willing partner and that's good enough. Really, the only reason that they need the woman at all is because she's the one who carries around the vagina all the time. If they could get hold of that and not have to bother with the woman, they would. (I know a lot of guys who are like that too. Sad.)

See if you can spot a pattern in behaviors here. So another boy that ended up being a party to this, um, party told police that Ms. Towe "...had sent sexually suggestive text messages and a photo to his cell phone." OK, so now she's stupid AND immature. The cell phone photo? Ma'am, do you see that man standing next to you in this family photo? Yeah, he's your HUSBAND! What say you keep the cell phone photos of yourself strictly between you and him rather than sending said photo to a 15 year old boy (who will keep that photo for the rest of his life and possibly have it made into a 3'x4' poster for his dorm room wall at college. Just so you know.).

The boy told police that this Mother of the Year candidate "...had told him to come over and "do stuff." " Yeah, stuff. STUPID stuff. So naturally, what happened? They had sex, correct. Where? In a parking lot, correct! Only this time at the Anderson Heights Elementary School (probably because that was where she felt the most comfortable).

And yet another boy told police "...that he and Towe had kissed, but "that's pretty much it." " Later on, however, he fessed up to the fact that "...they intimately touched each other at her home." Now I have no reason to disbelieve that's all that happened because if they had actually HAD sex they would have been in a parking lot somewhere. Maybe the one behind the Dairy Queen or over at the Feed Lot. who knows? But the fact that he said they were at her home leads me to believe that they did not have sex. Not just because they weren't in a parking lot, but also because in her home (or ANY home, really) would be somewhere that you would expect people to be having sex. But since this woman has to be one of the dumbest individuals on the planet, I would expect her to do the opposite of normal. And so far, she has not disappointed in that arena! Nope! Fulfilled all expectations of stupidity laid out in front of her! (And those weren't the only expectations that she fulfilled for something laid out in front of her, that's for sure.)

I will say that I'm not totally convinced that the one boy didn't have sex with her. Come on, the kid is 15 years old. She's 30 AND she wants to have sex with him (to keep him away from her daughter, don't you know?). If you're the 15 year old, you HAVE the sex! You just do! I guess it's the statement that "they intimately touched each other" that makes me think that they really did have sex because the last time I checked, having sex DOES involve intimate touching! If you're having sex, there's some pretty intimate touching going on. So who knows? He's probably just trying to get out of being grounded when his parents find out about all of the touching that was or wasn't going on all intimately.

A cop who was interviewing Ms. Towe said that he made the statement:" 'You must have felt pretty attractive.' To which she replied, 'I did, I felt young, I missed all those years.' " All of WHAT years? The years where you would fornicate with someone's mother who was twice your age? Hey, I missed those years too! But I'm not sleeping with teenage boys! In fact, MOST of us are not sleeping with teenage boys (much to the dismay of teenage boys everywhere)! And you felt young? Lady, you're THIRTY! How 'young' were you hoping to go there? You couldn't have just put on a plaid skirt and had some naughty Catholic schoolgirl fantasy thing going on with your husband instead? You could have fit the parking lot at the Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store into that fantasy somehow. AND if you had gone that route, you wouldn't currently be sitting in jail with a $250,000 bond. Younger AND not in jail! What more could a gal want?

According to the report given on
KRCR-TV, "People who live in her suburban neighborhood are shocked." Well GOOD! I imagine they are shocked. They should be! People who DON'T live in her suburban neighborhood are shocked! Why is that part of the news? It would be news if they WEREN'T shocked! Something like: "Oh, sure. We see this kind of thing all the time around here. No big deal. Women and boys. Boys and ducks. It's just another Saturday night in Anderson." Now THAT would be news!

But, hey, from the Department of The Sun is Hot, the mainstream media is almost completely inept and getting closer and closer to becoming just like Ms. Towe's parenting skills. Totally useless.

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Lefey39 said...

Don't talk about my sister-in-law as if this is a joke. i don't agree with what she did, and i'm pretty she she isn't happy with herself. and what she means my miss all those yrs is she became a mother AT 15! Therefor throwing away all her life to raise 3 children! Debbie is a good mother, i thinks he just went bonkers and didn't thinks straight.
So shut up!

Mare said...

See, I wasn't talking about this as if it were "a joke". It's clearly NOT! That's part of my problem with it. Good to hear that you're "pretty sure" sure isn't happy with herself. I'd kind of think you'd know one way or the other, but "pretty sure" is better than "not real sure", so it's good enough for me right now.

If you think that because she "became a mother at 15" is equal to her "throwing away all her life" you have an interesting view of parenthood. I can assume that you didn't mean she "threw away her life" because she had children to raise, but rather you meant that she had to give up a lot of things in life that she would have otherwise experienced had she not had children before she was old enough to drive!

Clearly, her behaviors were those of someone not "thinking straight". That is completely obvious to me. I don't think I implied any differently. But I'm not going to sing praises to someone who has sex with more than one teenage boy, I don't care how much they "weren't thinking straight" at the time.

While I commend you on your defense of your sister-in-law, I find it unfortunate that you can't see why her behaviors and her rationale for such behaviors are completely warranted of being mocked. I can see where you're coming from. Are you seriously going to say that you can't see where I'm coming from?

Thanks for reading!

~ M

Mare said...

One other question. I'm curious as to whether you would be defending this person if it was your brother-in-law rather than your sister-in-law, and they weren't teenage boys, but rather teenage girls that the person had sex with? Would you be defending THAT also? Just wondering.

Again, thanks for reading!

~ M