Friday, August 17, 2012

#TweetYourNameWithNoVowels..If You Can

I'm going to increase the height of the wall around my walled-off compound and make the moat just a little bit wider and add a few more alligators in there just for safe keeping.  Why, you ask?  Because I just checked on the Twitter trend #TweetYourNameWithNoVowels and I was seriously appalled.  Let's look at not one, not two, but multiple results for this fleeting fad of the day, shall we?  Prepare your cranium for implosion. 

First, we're going to have to overlook that this is an absolutely moronic thing for anyone to give a crap about tweeting in the first place.  Who in the hell cares what someone's name looks like without any vowels?!  How is this even a thing in the first place?  Well, OK, it's only a thing for those who know what a vowel is.  That's right.  "Vowel" seems to have stumped the masses.  Don't believe me?  Don't want to believe me?  Let's begin.   Chelsea, you're up first! 

Next up is Danielle! 

 Fortunately, in Danielle's case, we have Bekah to the rescue!  

Oh, 2 A's and a D!  She passed easily, though!  Clearly a genius, that's right!  Oh, how I wish that Bekah had gone after those particular pearls of wisdom from Danielle.  Or that she had gone after any of these other obvious idiots.  Bekah can stay.  Everyone else?  OUT!  Who's up next?  Oh, it's Frankie.  Hi, Frankie! 

Next we have Isabella as put in her place by Red Forman!
Next we have Johnny. Johnny appears to be as much of a dumbass as Isabella and the rest.
And we don't want to leave out Jordan.
Or Shaunna.
But my favorite out of the uneducated masses has to be Max. Behold! Max!
My head hurts. And I really don't know if I can get that wall high enough.

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