Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ann Romney's Horse Goes To London

Did you know that Mitt Romney's wife has a horse in the Olympics?  A real horse.  It's going to compete in something called dressage.  (That's with a short "a" sound.  Like "ah".  It sounds more prestigious that way.  Dress-aaaahhhh-ge.)  If you haven't heard about this, that's not really a surprise.  I don't think that Mitt is looking to advertise that his wife has a million dollar show horse who will be doing horse things in the Olympics.  It doesn't really do much to help clear up that stigma that he's really super rich and out of touch with regular people.  Yeah, having a show horse will do nothing but solidify that stigma.  In stone.  But here in a world exclusive, I have the picture of Ann Romney's horse (and really, Ann Romney's Horse isn't a bad name for a band) heading over to the Olympics in London in typical Romney traveling style.  Behold! 


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