Tuesday, August 14, 2012

D'oh! New Words!

So they added a bunch of words to the Oxford English Dictionary.  Thirty five new words made it in this time.  I appreciate their restraint.  The last time that the Official Scrabble Dictionary (which is what people who play Scrabble use as their dictionary, no matter how much someone else who just started playing the game with people that they barely know might protest.  Whoops.  I digress.) was updated, they added over three thousand words to it.  Three thousand words.  That just amazes me.  Where'd those words come from?  Why weren't they in there before?  So many questions.  None of which are even slightly interesting enough to contemplate and/or warrant an answer, so I'll just move on.  

One of the words that they added was D'oh!  You know, a la Homer Simpson.  Yes, that D'oh!  "An exclamation used to comment on a foolish or stupid action, usually one's own."  Yes, yes, we know.  We know this because the Simpsons has been on the air for at LEAST twenty years!  They're just now getting around to adding this to their dictionary?! 

I guess I shouldn't complain that it took them so long to get D'oh in there.  Maybe if they had waited that long before adding "grrrl" then they would have seen the error of their ways.  How is grrrl a word?  It doesn't have any vowels!  And three Rs in a row doesn't work unless you're an angry dog.  (And that's OK because dogs don't know what vowels are.  They're doing the best that they can!)  It's pronounced like girl, only with a slight emphasis on the R part.  (I don't know how else to describe it, probably because it's just so asinine.)  It's defined as "A young woman regarded as independent and strong or aggressive, especially in her attitude toward men, or in her sexuality".  It's certainly not defined as a young woman with impeccable spelling prowess. 

"Guyliner" made it in.  Yes, that's eyeliner that is worn by men.  Why does that even get its own word?  Anything that is made for anyone can be used by someone else, but that doesn't mean that it gets its own name, does it?  So if I, as a chick, wear pants that are made for men, does that mean that I'm supposed to call them mants?  Sweet Jesus, I hope not.  I'm not gonna.  You can't make me! 

"Hater" is somehow new.  It's "A person who greatly dislikes a specific person or thing".  I don't see how that's just now getting in there.  Same goes for "La la land", a "fanciful state or dream world".  Hasn't that been around, like, forever?  I'm fairly certain that I've heard that phrase used at least my entire life.  (Whether or not it was ever directed at me is not the issue here.)

"Locavore" was one I hadn't heard before.  It's a person who eats only locally grown and/or produced food.  These people, if you get to know them or are forced to listen to them and their pretentious eating habits, are also commonly known as a-holes.  Good Lord, if you have an eating style that requires more than five seconds of explanation, I don't want to hear about it and neither does anyone else.  You might think that you're great for doing something that you think is great, but not everyone sees it that way.  No one is interested. 

"Obvs" is now in there.  It's short for "obvious".  This is complete crap. Same with "totes".  It's in there now and it's short for "totally". Like you can't say the entire word?  You're just such a busy, busy little hipster with many, many important things to do (like shopping for your locavore diet at the farmer's market) that you can't be bothered with the extra two syllables in the complete verbage?  This list is making me angry.  OK, fine, angrier.  Whatever.  (Or "whatevs".  That's in there too.  See how ridiculous that seems out in the wild?) 

After just going through these few that made it into the OED, I'm really glad that they didn't take the Scrabble Dictionary approach to this and just give hundreds of stupid non-words new found word status.  People say a lot of stupid things all the time.  I really don't want them to be legitimized by having them in the freaking dictionary.  I love dictionaries.  Don't make me hate them!

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