Sunday, August 12, 2012

Did No One Listen To Those Songs?

Did you watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics?  (Or is it ceremonies?  It's just the one thing, right?  So shouldn't it be just a ceremony?  Why do I keep reading that they're ceremonies?  Something's not right.  Actually, more than one thing isn't right.  Here we go.)  I caught bits and pieces of it because it was basically just a British pop concert.  And while I appreciated that there wasn't another tribute to socialized medicine in the closing ceremony (because that was really freaking weird), I do have questions about some of their song choices. 

Did anyone who decided upon the song choices actually look farther than the title of the song when making their selections?  It would appear that they did not.   I tuned in when someone who was not Roger Waters, nor Pink Floyd, was playing "Wish You Were Here".  This happens to be a song about feeling alienated from other people.  While the title might suggest that of a happy postcard that you'd drop in the mail, mainly to brag that you're on vacation and the recipient is not, it's really not that at all.  And it certainly doesn't seem to match for the Olympic closing ceremony.  But the title sounds good, so what the hell, right? 

Seriously, that must have been what the people in charge of songs did.  They looked for songs with great titles that had something to do with something generally related to the Olympics and went with that.  That explains why they chose "London Calling" by The Clash.  "London Calling", while absolutely a catchy tune, is about apocalyptic London.  It's hardly cause for celebration!  But it has "London" in the title, so I guess that was good enough!  Nothing says "Thanks for the memories" like a little ditty about nuclear wasteland!

I think that it was shortly after that when they chose to play Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA".  Again, definitely a catchy tune.  There's no denying that.  But it's not exactly uplifting.  Sure, the tune itself is nice.  But the song itself is about when the Vietnam veterans returned to the US only to find no homes and unemployment.  Again, not exactly the message of cheer and farewell that you'd expect.  But it has "USA" in the title, so I guess that they just went with their same frame of mind when they chose "London Calling". 

Even the Brits can't save us.  Not that I ever thought that they could, but you know what I'm saying.  The point here is that we're doomed.  Doomed! 

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